Victoria IMAX

The Victoria IMAX theater is an attraction that is certainly worth keeping on the radar when visiting British Columbia capital. At this state-of-the-art cinematic complex, visitors can watch any number of shows that are enhanced by full digital surround sound. The immaculate clarity of the images on the screen doesn't hurt matters either, and you might be interested to know that the screen itself measures 81 feet wide and six stories high!

The large-screen movies that are shown at the Victoria IMAX theater can revolve around any number of special subjects, such as cave diving, or they can be big ticket Hollywood films like Avatar and Tron. There is quite a lot in the way of variety, and area residents can benefit from the ever-changing lineup.

The wonderful Royal BC Museum is home to the Victoria IMAX theater and its official name is the National Geographic IMAX Theatre. Either way, you can find the Royal BC Museum and its amazing IMAX theater at 675 Bellevue Street, which essentially puts it between the downtown core and the heart of the Inner Harbour area.

The general admission fees for the Royal BC Museum do not include IMAX tickets. There are special combination tickets that offer such convenience, however. It is also possible to purchase special tickets for two IMAX films, and they offer a discount on the normal single-film rate.

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