Victoria Weather

Victoria weather is temperate on the whole. The capital of British Columbia and this island enjoy some of the mildest weather in all of Canada. Extremes on either side of the temperature scale are rare, and some have gone as far as to label the local climate as being "Mediterranean."

Summer: Summer is widely regarded to be the best time to travel to Victoria BC. The weather is warm and sunny on most days, and this lends well to things such as a spending time on an area beach or hiking. While some might call the local climate Mediterranean, it doesn't get as hot in Victoria as it typically gets in the Mediterranean region during the summer. The highest temperature ever recorded in the city was 95 degrees, with the average highs being in the 70s. The rain shadow effect that is caused by the Olympic Mountains in nearby Washington State helps to keep heavy rains at bay in the summer months especially, and in general, the city's annual rainfall is less than other regional cities. This includes Vancouver.

Fall: Early autumn is also considered be wonderful time to visit Victoria BC. The weather is still warm and dry on the whole, and gone are the summer crowds. Thanks to the good all around weather, outdoor pursuits such as hiking and fishing can be enjoyed during the fall in Victoria, especially in the early part of the season. In and around mid-October, the rains start to increase, so a late fall visit usually isn't as rewarding as an early season one.

Winter: For those who wish to indulge in some skiing, winter is arguably the best season to visit. In Victoria and the surrounding region, this is when most of the precipitation falls. While it comes in the form of rain at lower elevations, the high mountains get more than their fair share of snow. It is just a 30-minute drive to the mountains from downtown Victoria, so visitors can be on the slopes in almost no time at all. Around mid-February, the winds start to die down, as do the precipitation levels, and down in the lower areas, the daffodils start to blossom.

Spring: Spring, much like fall, can be a wonderful time to visit Victoria. As early as March, the flowers are in bloom. Butchart Gardens is an especially good place to go if you want to see plants in bloom during the spring season. In April, Victoria cruises start gaining in popularity, as the rainfall totals start to decrease and the temperatures begin to rise. In early spring, daily highs average in the low 50s, and you can basically expect a five or ten-degree increase with every month thereafter leading up to August.

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