Victoria Whale Watching

Victoria whale watching tours are available in very good supply, and as you might suspect, they are extremely popular. Victoria is situated at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, and the waters in this area are teeming with killer whales, or orcas, as they are also known. May through October is the best time to see them, and chances are extremely good that you will also see a variety of other interesting sealife on a typical excursion. In Victoria proper, the Inner Harbour is where most of the guided boat excursions depart from.

While it is the orcas that take center stage on the Victoria BC whale watching tours, they aren't the only wales that are commonly spotted. The British Columbia waters are also home to minke, gray, and humpback whales. These other species migrate along the coastline in British Columba while heading farther north to the Alaska waters. When it comes time to move back south, they again pass by the BC coast en route to Mexico. Pods of orcas, on the other hand, reside in the waters off southern Vancouver Island, so they can actually be spotted year round.

On Victoria BC whale watching tours, some of the other animals that you might see are seals, porpoises, sea lions, eagles, and a variety of seabirds. This only serves to accentuate the whale watching experience. As for the whales themselves, sightings are so consistently common that most tour operators offer a guarantee. If you don't see a whale on any given tour, the next one is free of charge.

British Columbia whale watching tours come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and much like Vancouver, Victoria is among the best places to arrange them. Depending on the company that you arrange your tour through, the boat that is used to ply the area waters might be a high-speed version that provides plenty of thrills of its own. Should you prefer, there are also tours that offer a more relaxed experience, and it is always possible to keep an eye out for whales while passing through the area on a cruise ship. The best Victoria BC whale watching tours are arguably those that supply naturalists and/or biologists as guides. The info that these kinds of specialists can provide on the whales and the general ecosystem of the area is fantastic.

Wildlife viewing isn't the only activity that can be enjoyed on whale watching tours that originate out of the Victoria area. Many of the local charter companies combine whale watching with some saltwater fishing, for example, and it is possible to ditch the boat for a canoe or a kayak if you wish. Area visitors might also keep nearby destinations such as Sooke and Sidney in mind, as they are also home to boat charter companies that offer all kinds of fun excursions.

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