British Columbia Whale Watching

British Columbia whale watching is something that any and all outdoor enthusiasts should enjoy, and there is plenty of time to enjoy it in this region known for its excellent wildlife. Only adding to the allure is the fact that there are a variety of whale types that visitors to the region's coast can expect to see. The British Columbia whale watching season starts in March and runs all the way to October. During this period, thousands of gray, Orca, Minke, and humpback whales migrate from Mexico to Alaska and back, passing through the waters off the BC coast. Some of the whales don't make it all the way up to Alaska, opting instead to feed off the shores of Vancouver Island during the summer months.

Victoria BC whale watching is just one of the options on Vancouver Island, and if you find yourself on the mainland, virtually anywhere along the coast can make a prime viewing base. In Victoria, there are numerous companies that offer whale watching tours. As such, visitors to the province capital will find it easy to add a whale watching experience to the itinerary, at least during the British Columbia whale watching season.

Victoria isn't the only Vancouver Island travel destination, and it's certainly not the only place on the island where you can arrange wildlife viewing tours that include whale watching. On the west coast, for example, towns such as Tofino and Ucluelet are ideal places to arrange whale watching tours. Back on the BC mainland, the cities of Vancouver and Prince Rupert are among the top spots to organize whale watching adventures.

When you're not enjoying an organized whale watching tour in British Columbia, you can head to a beach or another coastal spot on your own and hope to spot some whales offshore. You can also look for whales while boating, canoeing, kayaking, and diving. Anywhere along the province's long coast can offer promise, though there are some areas that are better than others. All in all, Vancouver Island is the best place to go.

While the British Columbia whale watching season runs from March to October, March is the month of choice. This month sees the most migratory activity. It also sees the Vancouver Island towns of Tofino and Ucluelet celebrating the Pacific Rim Whale Festival. This week-long festival offers a variety of activity options, not to mention fun arts events and nightly music performances.

One of the great things about British Columbia whale watching is the fact that most tour operators guaranteed sightings. If you don't see a whale on one of these tours, your next tour is free. Different kinds of boats are used for different kinds of tours, and you can always hope to spot them from the decks of a large and sturdy ship if you take one of the British Columbia cruises during the season.

Regardless of your British Columbia whale watching intentions, keeping an eye out for other fascinating animals while you search for whales is likely to prove rewarding. Sea lions, seals, and a variety of seabirds are among the creatures that are commonly viewed on BC whale watching excursions. Many of the guided BC whale watching tours feature onboard marine biologists and naturalists that can offer tremendous insight into the animals that you will see and the overall ecosystems that you will encounter.



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