Canadian Fishing Trips

Canada is a fisherman’s paradise. Canadian fishing trips are aplenty, each region of the country having its own specialty. Full of lakes, rivers, and an ocean on each end, a Canada fishing vacation can be had in any part of the country. From the famed Pacific salmon in British Columbia to the Arctic char (an anadromous fish; cousin of the salmon) in the Arctic waters of the Northwest Territories, Canada is known for having great fish. Trout in the thousands of lakes in the north can reach immense sizes as can the pike and walleye.

It is meaningless to name every fishing tour company across Canada. It is safe to say that wherever there is good fishing in Canada, there are Canada fishing tours. Fishing gear and equipment is available for rent in most all fishing towns if you don’t feel like hauling your own. As with any outdoor attraction, most provinces have booklets and brochures available with full detail about the Canadian fishing trips in each area.

Each province has its own regulations for fishing. Before heading off on your Canada fishing vacation, be sure to do a bit of research regarding the area of your interest, as rules change and can vary greatly from place to place. As a rule, it is necessary to obtain a nonresident permit for freshwater fishing, and another for saltwater fishing. Permits cost about $30 and are valid for one year. If you only want to get a short-term license for your Canada fishing vacation, one or six day licenses are available in some provinces. Certain parks and particular kinds of fish sometimes require an extra permit. Some of the salmon fisheries along the coasts strictly limit the amount of catch you are allowed. Other areas ban fishing altogether, while some have no limits at all. If you opt to go on one of the Canada fishing tours, your guide should be able to tell you in advance what permits are necessary.

One of the most famous places for salmon fishing in Canada is the Campbell River. Imagine snagging a 70lb. King Salmon on your line! If you’ve dreamt of bragging to your friends about catching “the big one,” the Campbell River is the place where your dream could be realized. Set on the east coast of central Vancouver Island, the Campbell River has long been known as the “Salmon Capital of the World” and boasts some of the best fishing in Canada. Some Canada fishing tours in this area cater to wealthy corporate clientele, but there are also many options for the budget-minded fisherperson. Canadian fishing trips are not the only highlight of the Campbell River. Tours, day trips, workshops and family events also focus on species of wildlife such as bears, eagles, and of course, salmon.

Another famous fishing hole is Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. Way up north in this massive lake you’ll find some of the best lake trout and northern pike in the world. Pike can sometimes reach lengths of up to 6 feet! Weather conditions in Great Slave Lake can get pretty dicey, so make sure you have a boat with a motor--- small crafts can be dangerous.

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