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All across Canada you can find a trail to hike. From easy nature hikes to week-long treks into the backcountry, there is sure to be a hiking trail in Canada for every ability. In many parts of the country, Canada hiking is restricted to the warmer months, most often July through early September. In milder climates it is possible to do some hikes year-round, but it is always wise to check park websites to see what conditions are like.

Before setting out to hike Canada, wherever it may be, be sure to bring along the hiking essentials. Good hiking shoes or boots are a must, especially where terrain can be loose, slippery, or rocky. If you plan to hike the backcountry, remember that the only way out is on foot, so don’t plan a long trip unless your body and hiking equipment are up for the challenge. Be prepared for sudden changes in weather by bringing along spare clothing and a waterproof jacket. Canada hiking is quite popular, therefore tents and other outdoor equipment can be bought or rented in most towns, so you don’t necessarily need to pack your own from home. Just be sure to have what you need before you hit the trails! Almost every hiking trail in Canada has some sort of map or information written about it. Parks and tourist information centers can help you plan your route.

Although Canada hiking is beautiful all across the country, the Canadian Rocky Mountains of British Columbia and Alberta take the cake for the best hikes. There are thousands of kilometers of trails to tramp through connecting the four major parks of the Canadian Rockies: Banff, Jasper, Yoho, and Kootenay. Canada hiking in the Rockies is well-established, well-maintained and well-marked. Though Banff and Jasper get busy during the summer months, there is always a trail to take to get you away from the crowds.

If you want to hike Canada but can’t make it to the Rockies, a second choice would be the trails of British Columbia. Provincial parks in B.C. offer a range of hikes from short and easy to long and arduous. Some of the more popular parks include: Garibaldi, near Whistler and north of Vancouver; Kokanee Glacier, near Nelson; Manning, east of Vancouver; Strathcona, on Vancouver Island; and Wells Gray, north of Kamloops. In the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area, there are several hiking trails in Canada which are lower in elevation and therefore accessible year-round.

In other provinces hikes abound, though finding trails with significant elevation gain require going to Quebec or Ontario. Mauricie, Forillon and Gatineau parks in Quebec are more like the mountainous trails in B.C. Hike Canada in Ontario for the most challenging hikes on the eastern side of the country. Lake Superior Provincial Park and Algonquin Park are the best.

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