Lake Erie Canada

Lake Erie Canada hugs the shore of southern Ontario, a region known for its beautiful scenery and adventures on and off the shore. If you're planning on taking a Great Lakes Circle Tour through here, you'll need a passport or a passport card if you want to cross between the U.S. and Canada. North of the border, you'll find an array of fun activities to pack into your Lake Erie Canada vacations.

Pelee Island, the southernmost community in the entire country, is completly surrounded by Lake Erie Canada. Easy to access from both Windsor, Ontario, and Sandusky, Ohio, this scenic gem is offers a quiet getaway where you can enjoy nature and a getaway from the hustle and bustle of the everyday. Like the Lake Erie islands across the border in Ohio, Pelee Island is a fantastic place to visit when the weather is warm. Bird watchers are delighted by the sight of rare species who make their way through here during their annual migration. An abundance of nature parks and shoreline are perfect for hiking, strolling the beach, and Great Lakes fishing.

Beyond the natural wonders, Pelee Island offers many attractions to visit during Lake Erie Canada vacations. A kite museum and lighthouse showcase the island's history, as do guided island tours. You'll find comfortable hotels where you can get a good night's rest and campgrounds with a view. With plenty of restaurants, you can fuel up for the day or wind down after a day of soaking in the Great Lakes atmosphere. The island is also home to a charming winery and several artisan's workshops.

Back on the mainland, you'll find many small towns along Lake Erie Canada, nestled between Detroit to the west heading towards Buffalo and Niagara falls in the east. Much of the beautiful shoreline is now a part of provincial parks, preserved for your enjoyment, and for future generations. Just southeast of Chatham-Kent, you can add Rondeau Provincial Park to your Great Lakes vacations. This park, the second oldest in the Ontario State Parks system preserves an entire peninsula that just out into the Lake Erie, home to lush forests and beautiful beaches. Like Pelee Island, this natural wonderland attracts amazing birds; the tundra swans pass through in March, while the warblers come a little later in May. The park is also home to an informative visitor center, where interpretive programs and hikes begin; and a large campground open when the weather is warm.

The nearby community of Chatham-Kent offers many things you can add into Lake Erie Canada vacations. Nestled along the shores of the big lake as well as Lake Saint Clair, this bustling town is home to several beaches, where you could go for a swim and catch one of the Great Lakes fishing charters. Away from the shore, you'll have the chance to soak in the culture and history. This shoreline community is home to historic buildings that inspired Harriet Beecher Stowe's influential anti-slavery novel, Uncle Tom's Cabin, as well as classic car collections. You'll also have the chance to visit the battlefield from the War of 1812 where Tecumseh defended the rights of his people to the very end. An interesting guided tour travels the footsteps of Tecumseh and others from the war that took place along the shores of Lake Erie.

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