Lake Superior Beaches

Lake Superior beaches offer great places to relax and enjoy the sun on the shores of the biggest freshwater lake on the planet. Along the northern shore of the big lake, you'll have the chance to soak in the views and have fun at the same time on Great Lakes vacations. Unlike some locations, most of the best beaches on Lake Superior Canada are part of provincial parks. The people of Ontario have worked hard for generations to preserve these unique landscapes.

When talking about the best beaches on Lake Superior Canada, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is one to consider. Located at a tip of a peninsula that juts out into the lake, this scenic stretch of land is a place of legend. The First Nations People who have called this area home for hundreds of years thought the land resembled a reclining giant, naming it Nanabijou. Its sandy beach is close to a large campground that's always busy when the weather is warm. After you've gone for a refreshing dip, you can explore many of the other things to do in this scenic wonderland, including interpretive hikes, Great Lakes fishing, wildlife watching, and some excellent angling opportunities. In the winter, the park is home to miles and miles of cross-country skiing trails.

The beautiful Lake Superior beaches at Neys Provincial Park have been captured on canvas. A group of artists dubbed the Group of Seven painted the rocky cliffs, bright blue skies, and sandy shores—the same sights you'll see today at this park just outside Thunder Bay. In the summer, this Great Lakes favorite offers a wide array of outdoor fun. One of the best beaches on Lake Superior Canada stretches along the big lake, and swimming is also a possibility along the Little Pic River. Swimming is just the beginning, as the waters of Lake Superior are a favorite place for fishing and canoeing. Like Sleeping Giant, this provincial park also offers a campground and interpretive activities.

The third public park with great beaches is simply called Lake Superior Provincial Park. While the first two are located along the western shores of the great lake, this can be found near the eastern coast. This expansive park, covering about 600 square miles, is nestled between Sault Ste. Marie (the one in Ontario) to the community of Wawa in the North. The rocky bluffs, created in the distant past by volcanic activity, rise over sandy beaches and crystal-clear waters. Several Lake Superior beaches can be found throughout the park. The beach along Agawa Bay is especially beautiful at sunset when the light dances off the rocks. The nearby visitor center is an interesting addition to your time at the beach. Its exhibits will illuminate the paintings of the Group of Seven and tell tales of Great Lakes shipwrecks. You'll also find a small gift shop as well as park rangers ready to answer any questions you may have.

Some people enjoy the views of the beach so much, they want to spend their entire vacation along the shores of Lake Superior Canada. All three of the parks have campgrounds, and many resorts and Lake Superior cabins can be found outside of the provincial lands. When you stay right along the water, you'll have access to any of the things you want do, without spending a lot of time getting to the lake. You also have the added benefit of fantastic views right out your window. Whenever you can see the lake out your window, life seems a little calmer and a little better.

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