Manitoba, the province in the heart of Canada, has a global heartbeat. Throughout the year, people soak in the vibrant cultural scene in Winnipeg, which reaches its peak during the Folklorama Festival every summer. In the most northern reaches of Manitoba, where polar bears and beluga whales outnumber the residents, you can see where British entrepreneurs and the Inuit have carved out a living along the Hudson Bay. In between, you'll find wide-open prairies, a still-thriving Ukrainian culture, and places to follow in the footsteps of the French Voyageurs.

For countless generations, Winnipeg has been a crossroads of culture. Winnipeg, at the center of province that is in the center of Canada, is a thriving city. Its airport serves a hub of travel to the city as well as Thunder Bay Ontario and the border with North Dakota and Minnesota. Today's visitors still gather where the Red and Assiniboine Rivers meet at the Forks. This National Historic Site offers an array of guided tours and a riverwalk that's a perfect place for a stroll, while the indoor market is home to charming shops and gourmet restaurants.

With a trip across the Esplanade Riel pedestrian bridge, you'll arrive in Saint Boniface, the French Quarter. Every chilly February, visitors gather to enjoy the Festival du Voyager, along with its ice-carving championships, living history demonstrations, and hearty food.

Another celebration in Winnipeg, Folklorama, is one of the best-attended events in all of Manitoba Canada. This energetic, family-friendly festival fills the first two weeks of August with music, cuisine, and art exhibits reflecting the world's great cultures. From its humble beginnings in 1970, Folkorama has grown into a much loved and visited Manitoba happening.

In August and the other warmer months of the year, you could consider making a trek north from Winnipeg. Churchill, located where Manitoba Canada connects with Nunavut and the Hudson Bay, takes some effort to reach from the more populated areas in the South. Whether you take a flight from Winnipeg or a train excursion, your efforts will be richly rewarded with experiences that can't be duplicated. Wildlife watchers will be delighted by the numerous opportunities to see Arctic animals in their natural habitats. Visitors hop aboard cruises to a spot beluga whales and shorebirds who survive its northern habitats specially and step onto specially equipped tundra buggies for polar bear tours.

A visit to Wapusk National Park of Canada is another way to experience these wide-open and wild landscapes. In fact, access is only available on organized tours to protect both the visitors on the landscapes. Skilled tour operators can lead tours through the lands whose name means "white bear" in the Cree language. A milder way to experience the park is to view the exhibits at the visitor center operated by Parks Canada at the town's historic train station.

You don't have to head to the far north country of Manitoba Canada to experience outdoor adventure. The Grass River Corridor reaches from the Saskatchewan border west. At one time, the fur traders followed this route. Three centuries later, it's a favorite place for kayaking and nature tours. The landscape changes from the lowlands of the south, to forests and the rocky Precambrian Shield, providing a backdrop for any types of adventures.

You can experience the tamer side of nature at one of Manitoba's golf courses. More than 120 courses are found throughout the province. The course at Riding Mountain National Park is one of the most scenic of the bunch. This large park overlooking the Manitoba prairies and escarpment also offers its guests hiking trails, camping, and snowmobiling. The surrounding town of Wasagaming is home to plenty of hotels and restaurants to round out a vacation.



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