Montreal Canada is a city with a dualistic nature. The clash of English speakers and French speakers, European style and North American style, old and new make Montreal Canada unique and interesting. While about 70% of city residents are French speaking Francophones, the 30% of English/ other language speaking population is much more prominent than in Quebec City (where 95% are French-speakers). While the North American influence can be easily seen in the skyscrapers that have sprung up all over the city, Montreal Canadians strive to retain their cultural heritage. Non-French speaking visitors on a Montreal vacation will be pleased to know that many more Montreal Canadians are bilingual than in other parts of Quebec.

The Anglo commercial and residential neighborhoods are mainly centered around Westmount in the west and north of downtown. The Francophone quarters (Plateau Mont-Royal and Outremont being the main ones) are in the east and north. Between these district is a myriad of languages and races from all over the world.

The city of Montreal is not filled with a host of must-see attractions, but its appeal lies in its cultural, laid-back feel. On your Montreal vacation, you may find yourself having more time to savor your food, take long strolls through town, and soak in the melodic sounds of jazz floating through the air. Look for one of the Montreal packages that allow you to see all of the city attractions, then take a day to relax and enjoy the ambiance of the city.

A place to begin exploring on your Montreal vacation is Vieux-Montreal. This old quarter hosts fascinating museums, beautiful old churches and a lovely waterfront area for strolling. Place Jacques-Cartier is one of most charming squares of Vieux-Montreal, where European influences are written all over the buildings.

The Montreal Canada that may not be part of Montreal packages is the fine dining. Splurge on Table d’Hôte—a three or four course meal that is sure you leave you satisfied. You can find this at most full-service restaurants. It’s worth trying! You also don’t want to miss sampling some international cuisine. Some of the best Italian, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Polish and Indian can be found in Montreal restaurants.

Another highlight of Montreal Canada is listening to jazz music in one of the many jazz clubs. The best time for this is June and July during the Montreal Jazz festival.

When looking for flights to Montreal, also check out some of the Montreal packages available. A relaxing and flavorful time awaits you on your Montreal vacation!

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