Montreal Airport

Montreal airport handles flights to over 130 destinations within Canada, to the United States, and internationally. Flights to Europe are popular to locations like Spain, Italy and France. From the Montreal International Airport visitors can also access many cities within some of the most popular states south of the Canadian border including New York and Washington DC. YUL, as the airport is abbreviated, is the main flight point east of Canada’s Great Lakes and the third busiest of all Canadian airports.

Montreal-Trudeau International Airport is located southwest of Montreal’s downtown and Old Port areas. This equates into a drive that can be anywhere from fifteen minutes to a half-hour and longer in thick traffic. The Montreal airport services more than 12 million passengers annually via around 40 airlines to more than 130 locations, some of which are regular flights and others that only operate seasonally. The airport is considered a major hub for air traffic between Europe and Canada because of its geographical situation in Eastern Canada.

The resort at Mont Tremblant has more recently added an international airport to its premises. This airport is meant to take the hassle out of travel for skiing and other outdoor recreation amid the resort’s magnificent backdrop. As usual, flying direct into this specialty airport can be pricey and most Tremblant travelers still use Trudeau International. Laurentian’s Mirabel International Airport, 40 minutes northwest of Montreal, used to be another option for flight services. Originally it was to replace Trudeau International, once known as Dorval, but many inconvenient aspects saw it decommissioned as a passenger airport in 2004 and it is now used to ship cargo.

On par with most of the ultra-modern airports around the world, Montreal International Airport is sleek, convenient, and well-organized for an exceptional travel experience. A wide range of services are offered all across the facility including dining, duty-free shopping, a first-class lounge, and a large luxury hotel. Montreal-Trudeau International Airport, named after Canada’s fifteenth prime minister, also features a cloakroom to store baggage prior to check-in, three foreign exchange kiosks, porter services, and a lost and found.

Whether you’re traveling from Montreal-Trudeau International Airport to the nearby suburbs of Ville-Saint-Laurent, Côte-Saint-Luc, or Westwood, or you’re planning a trip farther east to the waterfront, the airport’s ground transportation and car rentals will get you there. There are a vast array of choices in airport transportation including city buses, regional shuttle buses, taxis and limousines, and trains to choose between for the most convenient and budget-friendly options. There is also a direct shuttle to Mont Tremblant for those heading out on skiing vacations.

To avoid wasting a lot of time, be sure to know where to proceed when deplaning. Different connections and points of origin require passengers to debark airplanes and proceed to one of several different Montreal airport areas. For instance, if arriving from an international destination and flying within Canada, passengers need to go through Canadian customs, but must pick up luggage prior to that. If your flight originates in the USA and flying to an international location you can either go to the counter for special connections or you may have to pick up your own luggage if your airline does not personally transfer it. There are eight distinct scenarios that can occur for both arrivals and departures, which means checking where you fit in is a must.

Self-service check-in is another handy option for travelers when departing from Montreal-Trudeau International Airport. Use self-service check-in kiosks to avoid long line-ups during peak flight times. Web check-in is also increasingly popular and several airlines servicing Montreal International Airport offer the service. Mobile boarding cards, self-tagging your own luggage, and mobile check-in via cell phone or PDA are all modern services offered by Montreal airport that have increased efficiency and made using the airport a pleasant experience rather than a frustrating one.

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