Montreal Biodome

The Montreal Biodome is among the most popular and unique attractions in the entire city. It was originally constructed for the 1976 Olympic Games to facilitate the judo and track cycling events. Renovations toward the concept of an indoor nature facility were begun in 1989 and the facilities were opened in 1992. The distinctive Montreal Biodome exhibits give visitors the opportunity to experience four true-to-life replicas of North American ecosystems. It is one of four facilities that fall under the umbrella of the Montreal Nature Museum, along with the Montreal Insectarium, the Montreal Botanic Garden, and the Montreal Planetarium. The Montreal Biodome is located in front of the Olympic Stadium within close range of many of the city’s other attractions, as well as conveniently located metro stops, restaurants, cafes, shopping boutiques, and much more. There are also a nice selection of hotels near the Montreal Biodome should you decide to stay in the area.

The Montreal Biodome exhibits include the following: the Tropical Forest, the Laurentian Forest, the Saint Lawrence Marine Eco-System, and the Arctic and Antarctic Polar Areas. Each of the ecosystems are housed within different parts of the complex and feature animals and plants indigenous to that particular climate, area, etc. The Tropical Forest ecosystem replicates the South American rainforest. It is easier to explain that you can count on seeing a true replication of the ecosystem itself than to list the exhaustive array of plant and animal life that you will encounter. The mission of the Montreal Biodome is to bring the distinctive ecosystem to life in the truest sense possible. In this regard, you will see an authentic South American rainforest, just indoors. The Laurentian Forest is another of the engaging Montreal Biodome exhibits that will excite adults and children alike. You will see not only animals and plants, but full-sized trees of the Laurentian Forest (one of the most beautiful in Quebec). The exhibits at the Montreal Biodome are so well conceived, that two new species have even been discovered at the Biodome itself.

The St. Lawrence Marine Ecosystem is a thrilling look at the St. Lawrence Estuary and Gulf, extending all the way to the Atlantic Ocean. You will get to witness the aquatic animal and plant life of the St. Lawrence River in a basin that is filled with about 600,000 gallons of water. The Arctic and Antarctic Polar exhibitions are some of the most popular, due in large part to the wily activities of the resident penguins, which are always keeping the crowds of onlookers entertained. Just as with the other ecosystems at the Montreal Biodome, these true-to-life replicas take you inside the habitat of creatures that live in the coldest and most unsustainable living environments for most other beings. The fact that you can witness a tropical rain forest as well as Arctic and Antarctic polar ecosystems speaks to just how cool this attraction is.

There are plenty of hotels near the Montreal Biodome that are within easy walking distance of this and many other top attractions, as well as restaurants, cafes, shopping districts, and bars. Some of the best cost-effective options for hotels near the Montreal Biodome include the Inn Between, Hotel Dorion, Hotel Royal Versailles, and Motel Lido.

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