Downtown Montreal

Downtown Montreal is the epicenter of the city and where you will find many of the most popular activities and attractions. It is not only the central business district of this second largest city in all of Canada, but also one of the cultural centers, featuring a wide variety of historic buildings and monuments, museums, boutiques, restaurants, cafes, and much more. Downtown Montreal attractions include the Place des Arts, the Montreal Underground City (featuring numerous shopping malls and restaurants), the Montreal Biodome, and Mount Royal (the hill for which the city was originally named). An interesting fact is that the law mandates that none of the skyscrapers in Downtown Montreal can exceed the height of this historic mountain. Downtown Montreal is actually situated at the foot of Mount Royal urban park. It spans all the way to the St. Lawrence River.

There are myriad things to do in Downtown Montreal, from exploring chic and trendy shopping districts and enjoying the local restaurants and cafes, to sightseeing at major tourist attractions and learning about the culture and history of the city. Montreal is divided into nineteen boroughs, and the downtown section is located within Ville-Marie, the borough that contains the most neighborhoods. The Ville-Marie also contains Old Montreal, Chinatown, and the Latin Quarter, as well as the Gay Village and the Quartier International. Of all the Downtown Montreal attractions, the boutiques, shopping malls, and markets rank amongst the top for both residents and international tourists. If you are planning a trip to the city and intend to stay downtown, you will want to make the most of your opportunities to enjoy the amazing shopping experience.

The Montreal Underground City comprises over four square miles of underground tunnels that feature metro stops, massive shopping malls, apartment complexes, and seemingly countless restaurants. It lies parallel to the alluring Rue St. Catherine above and boasts an impressive 120 separate entrance points. The Eaton Centre and Place Montreal Trust are two massive mall complexes where you will find everything from designer clothing to home wares and virtually everything else you can imagine. Of course, there is no shortage of eateries and cafes at either place, or anywhere along the way. Be sure not to miss shopping on Rue St. Catherine itself. It is arguably the finest area for shopping in the entire city and is easily one of the top Downtown Montreal attractions.

Another one of the best things to do in Downtown Montreal is to explore the varied architecture on display around seemingly every corner. From the astonishingly spectacular mixture of modern architecture with neo-Classical architecture along the Golden Mile, to the many bank buildings, municipal buildings, churches, and museums, Downtown Montreal is a veritable paradise for lovers of architecture. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic cityscape while taking in the city’s many restaurants and cafes in the downtown core. There are many accommodations in Downtown Montreal as well, including luxury hotels in historic buildings that will turn any vacation into an opulent affair. Wherever you stay in Montreal, you will be within close range of many of the most popular attractions, including a broad selection of entertainment venues and places to enjoy great food and a nice beverage.

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