Montreal Hotels

Montreal hotels tend to be quite reasonably priced, aside from the luxury hotels. Additional good news is that more and more Montreal lodging options are being built each year, creating more competition and more choices. Because of this competition, Montreal hotels go out of their way to make guests feel comfortable and welcome. If there is any bad news about Montreal lodging, it is that in Montreal’s popularity as a tourist destination is also increasing, so rooms can be hard to find during the summer, especially during major events.

New boutique hotels and inns are popping up around Montreal, especially in the Old Town, offering a charming alternative to more standard hotels. For a discount hotel in Montreal, try staying over the weekend, when business clients are gone and discount deals are offered. Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel in Montreal or a discount hotel in Montreal, it won’t be difficult to find something to suit your budget.

If you are looking for affordable accommodation, but want more atmosphere than a cheap hotel in Montreal, look into staying at a Bed and Breakfast. Bed and Breakfasts have become increasingly popular in Montreal, and are a great way to get to know the city and its people on a more intimate level. Bed and Breakfast owners often love to give great tips about the interesting points of the city.

Even cheaper alternatives to a discount hotel in Montreal are hostels, the YMCA, and YWCA (for women only). Three of the city’s universities also offer rooms at good rates.

Part of what sets cities like Montreal apart from Western Canada is their history and age. To revel in the historical side of Montreal, stay at La Maison Pierre du Calvet (aka Hostellerie Pierre du Calvet). This former family mansion was built in 1725, and housed the likes of Benjamin Franklin. It wasn’t until the renaissance of Old Montreal in the 1960s that this building became a place of accommodation, but the feel of Pierre du Calvet is much more 1720s than 1960s. Staying at La Maison Pierre du Calvet is worth the splurge for the stone walls, elaborately carved antique furniture and romantic atmosphere.

The Montreal hotels list wouldn’t be complete without naming the most luxurious of Montreal lodging. The prime example of a luxury hotel in Montreal is the Ritz-Carlton Montreal. This hotel has long been host to famous celebrities and politicians, having been around since 1913. The penthouse suite in the Ritz-Carlton may be one of the most expensive accommodations in all of Canada. If you’re looking to stay in a luxury hotel in Montreal, this is the one that you can brag about to your friends and colleagues.

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