Montreal Old Port

Montreal Old Port is the historic city center of the capital of Quebec. It is situated between the downtown skyscrapers and the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal. This popular tourist destination along the Montreal waterfront is also a highly popular gathering place for residents of the city who also enjoy the restaurants, cafes, boutiques, galleries, and lovely architecture. One of the great appeals of the Vieux Port in Montreal is that you are able to explore it on foot with great ease. You can walk through the cobblestone streets and witness some of the most historic buildings in the city, including those built around the time of Montreal’s founding in 1642. From historic churches, museums, and monuments, to bustling cafes, restaurants, and public gathering places, the Montreal Old Port is easily one of the most exciting places to spend time in this city.

If you are planning a trip to this part of Quebec, you may want to consider staying at one of the hotels in Montreal Old Port. This section of town is the excellent venue for sipping a latte or glass of wine, taking in the wonderful gastronomy of the city, and watching throngs of people walk by. It is estimated that over 5 million people visit this tourist attraction along the Montreal waterfront each and every year. As you sit and enjoy yourself at one of the cafes or restaurants, you can watch as ferries cross the Saint Lawrence River in Montreal to the Parc del Iles, the site of the 1967 International and Universal Exposition. One obvious benefit of unwinding in the Montreal Old Port is the beautiful scenery of the ferries, yachts, and motorboats skimming across the gorgeous Saint Lawrence. The boats, quays, and overall atmosphere of the Montreal waterfront in the Old Port is unique in the city.

The Montreal Old Port is a center for arts and entertainment for both residents and tourists alike. It is not only restaurants, bars, cafes, and boutiques you will discover in this part of town, but also a Science and Technology Center, a large, open-air ice rink, an IMAX cinema, and seemingly countless buildings and monuments that hearken back to the time when the Montreal Old Port was fortified with walls. Many of the oldest and most engaging examples of Montreal architecture and history can be unearthed within the confines of this enviable part of the city. Depending on the season, there are many more family-oriented activities, including swimming, boating, biking, and more. Really, activities reveal themselves to first-time visitors of the Vieux Port easily.

There are important remnants of Montreal’s past interspersed with a wonderful selection of modern amenities and accommodations including restaurants and hotels. You can stay in the Vieux Port and enjoy an authentic and unique cultural experience while also being within close range of plenty of accommodations, great cafes, interesting museums, and attractions for the entire family. Nighttime is especially beautiful in the Montreal Old Port when the lights illuminate the facades of the historical buildings and gorgeous hotels and homes. If you are planning a trip to Montreal, you should certainly factor in a trip to the historic center of the city.

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