Montreal Shopping

Montreal shopping offers something for everyone, from the jet-setting fashionista to the serious art and antique collector. There are a wide variety of not only shopping malls in Montreal, but also an array of independent boutiques, open-air markets, and bargain outlets. It is all a matter of knowing where to look in Montreal based on what kinds of goods you are interested in finding. The Downtown Montreal shopping experience is quite different than that which you will experience in the expansive Montreal Underground complex.

Montreal is a city where you can enjoy the best of sightseeing as well as the modern amenities and accommodations available throughout the city. Taking time to visit popular shopping destinations like the Bonsecours Market, which features tons of boutiques, cafes, and restaurants, is a fun way to mix up the itinerary if you are spending a lot of time exploring the many historic and cultural attractions in the city as well. Bonsecours Market is one of the most popular places for Montreal shopping, not only because of the wide variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes, but also because they are all housed within a historic and gorgeous building. The building was actually used at one time as the Legislative Assembly for the Province of Canada. It is now one of the upscale shopping malls in Montreal and can be rented out for banquets and other special occasions. For amazing shopping near the Old Port of Montreal, you cannot get a whole lot better than the Bonsecours Market.

St. Catherine Street is arguably the most popular strip for Montreal shopping, especially when it comes to the latest and hottest trends. The Main is the area of the St. Laurent Borough (the largest in Montreal) where you will be able to locate a vast array of boutiques and trendsetting outlets that sell everything from clothing and handbags to shoes and accessories. For more traditional shoppers that may be looking for clothing that is a bit more mainstream or classic, you may consider exploring the Sherbrooke Street between Guy and Montagne Sreets or Laurier Street, preferably to the west of Avenue du Parc. And whether or not you are traveling to Montreal in the winter, you will want to escape the outdoors and see what is going on inside the various shopping malls in Montreal that are located underground.

The Montreal Underground City comprises over 20 miles of tunnels in over 4 square miles. There are offices, apartment complexes, shopping malls, restaurants, and much more. The Eaton Centre is located in the Montreal Underground and features over 175 boutiques, cafes, and restaurants. The Place Montreal Trust is a five-tier galleria also located in the expansive Montreal Underground City. Les Ailes de la Mode is the latest and trendiest addition to the line up of shopping malls in Montreal.

You will certainly have no problem finding plenty of shopping opportunities in this vibrant city in Quebec. Montreal shopping offers visitors the experience to shop for a whole host of goods in a wide variety of enviable locations. Whether it is at the legendary Bonsecours Market or one of the trendy underground malls, you are sure to have a great time shopping this city.

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