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Montreal tourism is vibrant throughout the many boroughs and districts of this largest city in the province of Quebec. Montreal travel is popular with people who live in the United States along the eastern seaboard and in the Midwest, because of its easy accessibility from many different points. Just like Toronto, you can reach Montreal in just a few hours from many major US cities. When it comes to determining the best time to go to Montreal Canada, it simply becomes a matter of determining which of many activities and things to do are most appealing to you and your group. The City of Festivals lives up to its reputation with a jam-packed events calendar throughout the year. The vibrant art scene is evident in the many galleries, museums, clubs, and chic cafes. Montreal is a city of seasons, generally experiencing cold and severe winters and hot, humid summers every year. So, when making your plans, you will want to consider the weather and seasonality, along with how much tourist activity is going on at the time.

The Montreal tourism industry is definitely in full swing during the summer months. The city is particularly busy during the months of June and July when some of the most popular festivals take place, including the Montreal International Jazz Festival (Festival International de Jazz de Montreal). This festival alone draws people from all over the world for ten days of amazing jazz from over 500 artists representing over 20 countries. You can expect to enjoy nearly 400 free, outdoor shows annually. Unless you are completely averse to hot (and potentially humid) weather conditions, this part of the year, busy as it may be, could be the best time to go to Montreal Canada. The Canadian Grand Prix Festival, Montreal Beer Festival, Picnic Electronic, and Made in Montreal are also going on during this time.

Seasoned tourists this city in Quebec will know that there are ways to enjoy the nice warm weather of Montreal and still avoid the major crowds. Doing so may mean missing some of the top Montreal festivals, but for some, tranquility and peacefulness are the keys to a successful vacation. If you travel to Montreal in mid-May and/or mid to late September, you will be able to enjoy warm weather that is much more mild that of July and August, and the tourist crowds are simply not as prevalent. Hotel rates begin to return to a more competitive level and you can enjoy some of the more popular historic and cultural attractions in Montreal without waiting in as many long lines. So, early spring and fall provide nice opportunities for enjoying the city and surrounding areas with pleasant weather, and generally, less tourist traffic.

The winter weather affects Montreal tourism in a number of ways, some good and some bad. Winters can be severe, oftentimes icy with a good amount of annual precipitation. This keeps some people away, but draws others to the area for skiing near Montreal. If your plans are for the winter, you will still be able to enjoy many aspects of Montreal travel. The Montreal Underground City will allow you to enjoy over four square miles of restaurants, cafes, hotels, and boutiques, all underneath the city and out of the way of the bad weather.

The best time to go to Montreal Canada will just depend upon you deciding which activities, attractions, and times of year suit you the best. There is something going on virtually all of the time and the cultural diversity and cosmopolitan atmosphere are inviting to say the least.

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