Bay of Fundy

The Bay of Fundy separates Nova Scotia from its neighboring province of New Brunswick. This 170-mile stretch of coastline offers vistas filled with ocean views, the world's highest tides, and rocky coastlines. Along the way, an array of amenities provide visitors with everything they need to enjoy comfortable and memorable vacations. People come from all around the world to soak in the views, taste fresh food, and sample the famous Nova Scotia hospitality.

Bay of Fundy accommodations provide visitors with a place to anchor, and are found on the mainland and some of the off-shore islands. Whether you're looking for one-of-a-kind vacation rentals, a hotel with a familiar name, or something in between, you'll find what you're looking for in this region of Nova Scotia. With many choices for Bay of Fundy house rentals, you can find an interesting place to stay in every season. The owners are eager to provide a warm welcome and share the same scenery they enjoy. Many of them have joined the Bay of Fundy Tourism Partnership, which reflects owner commitments to sustainability and quality.

While a place to stay is an important element of a vacation, this is just one part of the plans. After you've stepped away from your Bay of Fundy house rentals, cottages, or hotels, you can explore the interesting region. With seemingly endless opportunities for outdoor recreation, a rich culture, and interesting towns, you can put together the idea vacation packed with the things to do that you like. Bay of Fundy house rentals are found all along the coast, both in the cities and remote areas. This region is home to getaways ranging from off-the-beaten path Isle Haute excursions to visiting the elegant town of Annapolis Royal.

One of the highlights of any Bay of Fundy visit is spending time outdoors. Since 2007, two different areas have been recognized by the United Nations for their uniqueness. The Upper Bay of Fundy has been declared a Biosphere Reserve, while the Joggins Fossil Cliffs are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many of the local outfitters have incorporated environmentally sensitive tours into their menu of options to these sites and other wonderful things to see.

The whale watching cruises take their ecological missions seriously in this area. Besides offering fun tours, the companies work to catalog and research the marine giants who pass through the Bay of Fundy, including the rare right whale. Passengers can help with the research aboard the ship by helping in the count and donating to conservation charities. Cruises are some of the best way to explore the Bay of Fundy up close. On the western edge of the bay, boat tours make a stop at Brier Island for some biking and birdwatching—the island is directly in the path of the Atlantic Flyway, a migration route for many difference species.

You also could take a boat trip to the Isle Haute, a truly remote place. You won't find any hotels or fast food joints here, but you will find wide-open spaces perfect for camping, hiking, and swimming. Just south of the mainland city of Harbourville, Isle Haute offers soaring cliffs, rocky shores, and a getaway that feels miles and miles away from the ordinary. A trip along the Bay of Fundy is filled with amazing views no matter where you visit.

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