Nova Scotia Lobster

Nova Scotia lobster trumps every other kind of food found in the province. It is the representative of Nova Scotia’s seafood yields and is most definitely one of the most ordered of any food in Halifax restaurants and restaurants throughout the province. Nova Scotia seafood chowder hits a close second and is another succulent alternative when exploring the many seafood options during vacations on the east coast. Though seafood tops the charts, it is certainly not the only kind of food encountered. Nova Scotia is well known for a diversity of foods, from farm-fresh goods to grain-fed beef. Visitors will find fresh vegetables and fruits, a variety of popular meats, and plenty of organic and vegetarian options at a beach bonfire, in an upscale restaurant, or in a casual seaside bistro.

Starting off with the delicacies seafood lovers are after, Nova Scotia lobster is abundant, fresh, delicious and served in countless ways. It is offered all over the province, from Lunenburg to Yarmouth. It can be boiled and broiled, grilled and baked. It is popular served in pasta dishes, as a bisque or a roll, and most definitely in a Nova Scotia seafood chowder. Halifax restaurants are known for offering so many renditions of lobster that you might never get the opportunity, or the time, to try the innumerable ways lobster is served. It should be no other way either, as lobster has been farmed from the sea for centuries. Creativeness has a lot to do with why the locals don’t really get tired of Nova Scotia lobster.

There are many landmark restaurants to try out in Halifax. Some have been around for decades, passed from one generation to the next, honing skills over time to perfection. One of the best Halifax restaurants to try out during city tours is Five Fishermen. This 1816 dining haven is a favorite among locals and visitors and features a long, rich history. Top chefs use their creative talents, staff host with a gracious, down-home attitude, and meals are chock full of all the seafood you can handle. Nova Scotia dining at Five Fishermen means a bottomless salad and mussel bar with each meal. Steaks, lamb, scallops, clams, salmon, and much more tantalize taste buds.

Halifax restaurants are also famous for offering another seafood staple: scallops. Much like lobster, these tasty little gifts from the sea come in chowders, are baked, grilled, or fried, and are generally served with a dipping sauce like tartar sauce, a combination of mayonnaise and relish combined with a few other pertinent ingredients. Most hotels and even small mom-and-pop stops sell this essential dish. Scallops might be popular, but Nova Scotia seafood chowder is one dish most seafood fanatics can’t get enough of. This hearty stew-like dish is a combination of Nova Scotia lobster, fish fillets, mussels or clams, scallops, potatoes, onions, and numerous spices. It is thick, chunky, and light in color and tastes heavenly. It is generally eaten in small portions as a starter, or on its own with crusty bread.

Halifax restaurants come in the most diverse variety than anywhere else in the province. There are funky diners, quaint eateries, open-air cafes, upscale restaurants, and plenty of ethnic food to choose from. There are classic restaurants, contemporary dining establishments, easy-going diners, hip organic hot spots, and much more to choose from. Eat on a king’s budget or a pauper penny. There are so many choices for food in a huge array of budgets. For a few dollars, visitors will find a host of choices for breakfast and lunch, and plenty of option for affordable dinners around the city.

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