Nova Scotia Tours

Nova Scotia tours are some of the best ways to discover this amazing place in Atlantic Canada. Along the way, you'll have the chance to see amazing scenery, watch for whales, listen to Celtic music, and so much more. Whether you're touring all over the province or spending all your time in one place, there will be a lot to see.

Some of the most popular Nova Scotia tours involve watching wildlife. Depending on the season, you'll have the chance to see an amazing assortment of birds on and off the shore. Not surprisingly, many bird watchers enjoy tours to the aptly named Bird Islands, just off Cape Breton Island. In the winter, thousands of black and white puffins make their way to these shores. Local tour guides know exactly the best time of day and the best locations to see the birds. Many of these same companies offer Nova Scotia whale watching tours, because you'll likely see both birds and marine mammals on the same Nova Scotia tours.

Travelers who make their way to the Bay of Fundy have the chance to see an assortment of animals, large and small, including dolphins, seals, and sea birds. On the gigantic side of things, humpback whales, finbacks, and minkes frolic in the water, much to the delight of passengers aboard Nova Scotia whale watching tours. If you're lucky, you'll even see the rare North Atlantic right whales, who tend to be more shy than the other species. If a naturalist is on board of your tour boat, the expert can explain the difference between the different species of whales and detail the animals' amazing migration stories.

Beyond Cape Breton and the Bay of Fundy, Nova Scotia whale watching tours depart from all over the province. On the south shore, near the charming fishing village of Lunenburg, you can step aboard a boat and head out into the ocean in search of some amazing animals with spectacular scenery to match. Seeing massive whale leap and splash in the ocean is something you'll never forget.

Along the Cabot Trail, any tour, whale watching or otherwise, is a reason to celebrate the region's Celtic culture. When a professional takes care of the itinerary, you can save your energy for the sing along that's sure to happen. Some of the Cabot Trail tours feature a fiddle player, whose energetic tunes complement the songs of the whales, which can be heard with the right special equipment. Booking one of the Nova Scotia package tours along the Cabot trail means you can enjoy many of the fun activities without worrying about how to work out the schedule. After a whale tour, you can visit villages that would look right at home in Scotland and attend a dinner with the locals, enjoying the hearty food and new friends.

With so many Nova Scotia package tours available, you can pack whatever you want into your vacations. If you're excited by the idea heading off the beaten path, you'll be delighted by the wide-open spaces and parks where you can hike, go mountain biking, and step away from the ordinary.

A tour planner can arrange a route for you, provide transportation, and equip you with any of the gear you would need to explore the great outdoors of Atlantic Canada. Their Nova Scotia package tours can also take care of other important details, including lodging and meals.

Other tours explore the urban side of the province. Halifax, the largest city, offers an array of interesting museums and historic sites that offer guided tours. Many visitors report that the pub crawls are their favorite tours in Halifax. You also could hop aboard one of the Halifax bay tours to see the city from a new vantage point. The ship's captain will tell all about the local history, from the British colonial era to the present day.

Image: Nova Scotia Tourism, Culture and Heritage
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