Yarmouth Nova Scotia

Yarmouth Nova Scotia points toward Boston Massachusetts and faces a large port popular with Americans traveling to eastern Canada. Directly south of St John, New Brunswick and almost four hours southeast of Halifax, Yarmouth occupies a unique territory. Yarmouth and the Acadian Shores Region are serviced by the Yarmouth ferry, whisking visitors in from several different Atlantic points. It is a unique area renowned for rich Acadian history and features vibrant fishing villages teeming with bright angling boats, immense old churches, other architectural wonders, and magnificent lighthouses.

Founded in 1761 and always going strong as a lucrative fishing destination, many generations of Nova Scotians, as well as plenty of immigrants, have made and maintained homes in Yarmouth Nova Scotia for decades. It is tied to both the famous Norse explorer Leif Erikson as well as famous French explorer Samuel du Champlain, who first named it Cap Fourchu. From Cap Fourchu to Yarmouth, the time in between welcomed Yarmouth, Massachusetts natives, and plenty of Acadians who followed in the late eighteenth century. During the nineteenth century, it rivaled Lunenburg as a massive ship-building settlement.

Yarmouth Nova Scotia is the central hub of the Acadian Region. The Yarmouth Port, officially named Port Maitland, is one of the busiest in the province, whisking both goods and tourists in and out on a regular basis. The Yarmouth Port encompasses its very own fishing village, a provincial beach park, and a public wharf. The entire port is maintained by the government, which means services and amenities are reliable. The almost mile-long beach is one of the best Yarmouth beaches in the region. It’s also one of the best beaches for swimming, paddling, and exploring along the coast. Lofty lighthouses stand taller than the tallest trees along the beach as beacons for the many fishing boats out on the water.

Dining anywhere around the Yarmouth Port is an exceptional experience for lobster lovers. The Yarmouth port is located in the largest of all lobster fishing areas and yields the highest catches of lobster in Canada. Fresh, butter-doused ocean lobster is a guarantee during vacations. With Anglo-Scottish roots and French Acadian culture permeating Yarmouth, visitors can also count on hearty Scottish and French fare throughout Yarmouth hotels and restaurants.

The Yarmouth ferry has been a long-term transportation method between Nova Scotia and Maine, but budget cuts threaten this service. Currently, the Yarmouth ferry transports passengers between the two popular destinations in less than three hours flat. The Yarmouth ferry also offers coastal cruises as well as trips to New Brunswick, Halifax, PEI, and Cape Breton. There are special ferry/hotel packages to choose from as well as romantic cruises and sightseeing cruises that meander along the Yarmouth port and coastline taking in the waterfront, historic homes of sea captains, and the old Cape Forchu Lighthouse.

Incredible wilderness surrounds Yarmouth Nova Scotia setting forth unbeatable opportunities for hiking, cycling, hunting, and exploring the native flora and fauna. More than 300 lakes dot the area offering little wonder as to why the famous Relais & Chateaux Trout Point Lodge sought out (and eco-consciously developed) an area south of Yarmouth, in Tusket. Now an incredible wilderness resort where outdoor adventure and gourmet dining are only two of the many resort highlights, tourist head over to experience one of the finest examples of Canadian wilderness existing today.

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