It may be said that Ottawa has been underappreciated as the capital of Canada, ever since it was designated its title in 1858. Queen Victoria named Ottawa capital at a time when the two provinces of Canada, Upper and Lower Canada (Ontario and Quebec), were feuding. Likely as a way to appease both sides, the queen selected Ottawa because of its location on the Ontario-Quebec border. Since then, people have been skeptical about the choice for Canada’s national capital. Today, you will find that Ottawa is a lovely place to visit and deserves much more credit as a capital city. Ottawa Canada is brimming with green parks, awesome Gothic architecture, shops, beautiful Victorian homes and delicious restaurants. Framing Ottawa Canada are the Gatineau Hills, an easy skiing getaway in the winter time. Running through the city is the Rideau Canal, which provides leisure activities all year round.

Ottawa tourism is very common, so it will be easy for you to find a guide to assist you on your Ottawa vacation. The central core of the city is fairly compact, which makes it possible to get around to all of the attractions in less time. There are many Ottawa flights that will take you directly to the capital city from numerous destinations in the world. The flight to Ottawa can be quite short, especially for those departing from the eastern U.S. states. Not having to make a lot of stops in-between will make your flight to Ottawa much more pleasant. Take a direct flight to Ottawa Canada, so you will be refreshed and ready to explore upon arrival!

If you speak with any Ottawa tourism expert, they’re sure to tell you that Parliament Hill is the place to start your tour of the city. The most prominent building is the Parliament Building, with its clock and Peace tower. Sandstone and limestone carvings fill the Inside the Parliament Building, where the Commons and Senate sessions can be observed. Free tours are available of the building, which include an elevator ride up the Peace Tower to see the view. The East and West blocks on Parliament Hill are impressive to see with their copper roofs and Gothic styling. If your Ottawa vacation takes place during the summertime, you can see a free light and sound show on Parliament Hill during summer evenings. There are two shows nightly, the first being in English, and the second in French.

To enjoy the sights of the city on your Ottawa vacation, a trip down the Rideau Canal is a must. When the canal is not frozen, boats depart from the Locks about every two hours, allowing you to relax and enjoy the city views. Boat rides are also available on the Ottawa River. When the Rideau Canal freezes in the winter, a whole new mode of transportation opens up: ice skating through town! This is a well-known activity in Ottawa tourism. It is possible to skate for five kilometers straight—the longest ice skating course in the world. If you need a break from the cold, there are donuts and hot chocolate for sale along the way. Or, try out one of the many ethnic food choices at an Ottawa restaurant.



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