Quebec City

Perhaps more than any other place in Canada, a Quebec vacation is much like taking a trip to Europe. This is most evident in Quebec City, where 18th and 19th century houses are still untouched in the Old Town. Walking around in Old Town, you might think that you were wandering the streets of a French village.

Residents of Québec City are much more homogenous than in Montreal. About 95% are French- speaking and fewer are bilingual. Even being such a homogenous city, as the capital of the province, tourism in Quebec City is still very common. Much of the economy is based on tourism, so residents in Quebec City are not hostile toward or unused to visitors.

Quebec Canada has its fair share of standard tourist spots such as museums, cafes and restaurants for you to enjoy on your Quebec vacation. As well, the city holds many historic landmarks that are distinctly part of Quebec Canada, such as ornate churches, former battlefields, and narrow winding lanes for exploring.

It’s not difficult to be your own Quebec travel guide in this city. Perhaps not known for big attractions, Quebec City is a place where you can relax and enjoy the French side of Quebec Canada.

To begin your tour of the city, start by hopping on the Lévis Ferry. From this ferry you can enjoy the city skyline while enjoying your time on the St. Laurence River. Fare for the ferry is quite reasonable, and you can travel all the way back to your starting point without having to disembark.

Why not take a break at an outdoor café, and stay for an hour or three? Definitely an activity best enjoyed in the summer months, sitting at an outdoor café is a necessary part of a memorable Quebec vacation. In the Quartier du Petit-Champlain, the place d’Armes and along the Grande-Allee you can enjoy good conversation and people watching as you sip a café au lait.

Another highlight of the city is the old Lower Town. Thankfully, tourism in Quebec City has helped to revitalize the Lower Town district, which had previously disintegrated into an abandoned industrial and shipping area. Now this area of town has blossomed with boutiques, antique shops and bistros. Old 18th and 19th century buildings are being restored for residents and tourists alike to enjoy. Seeking out a Quebec travel guide is a good idea if you want to learn more about the history of the Lower Town.

If you are enjoying a Quebec vacation with family or loved ones, plan an afternoon to picnic in Parc des Champs-de-Bataille (Battlefields Park). Overlooking the St. Lawrence River, this park makes a lovely setting for a warm day.

Another site worth visiting is La Citadelle, a historic site that will give you an insight to the military past and present of Quebec City. This is one tour where you will need a Quebec Travel guide, as la Citadelle is an active military garrison, so it cannot be visited individually. The one-hour tour will provide you with information about the construction of the fortress as well as some of battles that took place here.

Quebec City is also a good starting point for those looking for a great Quebec fishing vacation. Fishing tourism in Quebec is very popular. It is easy to find more information about tours and trips to more remote fishing locations at any tourist information center in the city.

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