Hotels in Quebec

The many, many options for accommodation in Quebec City keep prices low, as competition is high. And you won’t have to stay in the ho-hum run-of-the-mill hotels found in every big city around the world. The majority of Quebec accommodation is small and family-run, with plenty personality. That “personality” is not always positive, however. The range of comfort and quality of accommodations fluctuate greatly from hotel to hotel, so make sure that you take a look inside before agreeing on a room.

At the lower-end of the price scale, hostels are probably the best option (besides camping) for cheap Quebec accommodation. If you’re not the hostel kind but still have a small budget, there are many family-run guest houses/ small hotels to choose from. The typical small hotel in Quebec Canada was probably at one point a house that was later converted. These hotels in Quebec allow you to stay in the central district while enjoying the character of the home. Prices can be flexible, so don’t be afraid to bargain, especially if you plan on staying more than a couple of days. The hotels in Quebec cost much more in the summertime, and at this time the best places are often booked. During the winter, prices are much lower for hotels in Quebec, with a big exception being during the Winter Carnival in February.

The increasingly-popular Bed and Breakfasts are another option for Quebec accommodation. The prices are similar to those of the smaller hotels, and allow you to get to know the locals and to benefit from their knowledge of the city.

Perhaps the most famous and historical hotel in Quebec Canada is the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. Towering on a bluff over the St. Lawrence River, it has been a city landmark for over a century. The Fairmont Le Chateau is not far off is saying that it is “not merely a hotel located in the heart of Old Quebec- it is the heart of Old Quebec”. This huge castle-like hotel is not only known for its top-notch accommodation, it is also one of the top spa hotels in Quebec. This Quebec hotel spa offers therapeutic massage as well as body treatments such as body clay wraps and body scrubs.

Hands-down the most unique hotel in Quebec Canada is the Ice Hotel, located just outside the city. Open from January until April, this hotel is created anew every year out of snow and ice. Every year artists design the hotel with intricate patterns, sculptures and paintings—all made of ice. You can even get married in the Ice Chapel! The price of a room is out of most people’s budgets (over $500 CAN a night), but if you can afford it, this is the “coolest” Quebec accommodation around!

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