Ice Hotel Canada, Sainte Catherine De La Jacques Cartier

Ice Hotel Canada

143 Route Duchesnay, Pavillon L'aigle

An Ice Hotel. Imagine a structure made completely of 12,000 tons of snow and 400 tons of ice with ceilings over 5.4 meters high-18 feet, walls covered with original artwork, and furniture carved out of ice blocks. The Ice Hotel is one of the most unique and complex undertakings. It takes approximately five weeks to erect this masterpiece of architecture. From its first incarnation measuring 1,000 square meters, Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada now covers more than 3,000 square meters. Keeping the originality and revitalizing the design and decor, the Ice Hotel artisans amaze everyone by modifying and creating new elements every year. Each yearly edition will be no exception with 32 wonderful rooms and theme suites, the famous Absolute Ice Bar, the magnificent chapel where couples can unite their destinies, two exhibition areas, an immense lobby with a candelabra lit by fiber optics, two interior courtyards, a cinema, Jacuzzis and functional fireplaces, and the majestic reception room named the N?ice Club Hotel de Glace with its animated evenings that will enthrall everyone for hours with entertainment.Ice Hotel Quebec-Canada will open its doors on in early January and closes at the beginning of April when the spring sunshine makes its appearance. The remainder of the year, this hotel does not exist. It is a unique experience re-created every winter.