Suggested Itineraries Canada

Canada covers an incredibly large section of North America, and planning a trip to the country can seem overwhelming. Suggested itineraries for Canada can include trips to some of the world’s most diverse cities as well as some of the most rugged landscape. The suggested itineraries for Canada included below should help to spark ideas as to the many was to explore the country and enjoy all the sights.

Suggested itineraries for Canada:

1-3 Days

Many travelers planning Canada itineraries plan to spend time in Toronto. As the most populated city in Canada and perhaps the most diverse, Toronto suggested itineraries can really include a lot. The city is large and rather spread out, so if you only have a day or two for Toronto suggested itineraries you will do well to concentrate your time on one or two areas. Popular stops on for Toronto suggested itineraries in the main city area include Queen’s Park and the Ontario legislature, nearby Allan Gardens, and the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic art. The section of Toronto known as Cabbagetown is also close by and a walk through the residential streets reveals some of Toronto’s most historic Victorian houses fully restored. A stroll through popular Yorkville is another great way to spend an afternoon. This historic district has great shopping, art galleries, and restaurants.

If you will be traveling to Vancouver for your vacation to Canada and only have a day or two, you should head to Gas Town. From Gas Town, you can choose to either stay in the neighborhood and enjoy the sights on foot or hop on the city bus to explore another nearby area. Gas Town is home to some adorable boutiques by day and Vancouver"s most vibrant bar scene by night. Spend the afternoon shopping and checking out the famous Steam Clock on Water Street and spend the evening in a kicky pub or colorful dance club. With just a day or two in Vancouver, Gas Town is your best bet.

4-7 Days

If your Canada suggested itineraries take you to Toronto and you"ll have multiple days to spend in the city, you will have time to see one of the most diverse cities in the world in action. While there are many great attractions concentrated in the downtown area, this sprawling city also has some great places to visit in its more remote corners that only travelers with multiple days will have time to see. The History of Contraception Museum, the Ontario Science Center, the Hummingbird Centre and the Hockey Hall of Fame are all unique museums that can be found outside the downtown area of Toronto. Savvy travelers who plan to see multiple sights can even purchase a Toronto CityPass for $38, which will gain them access to multple museums and city sights well worth viewing. This is a great deal if you plan to see three or more attractions.

With multiple days, Vancouver Canada suggested itineraries are often among the most popular. Located on the west coast of Canada in the province of British Columbia, Vancouver Canada suggested itineraries can include hip city shopping and backwoods hiking treks in the same day. Vancouver Canada suggested itineraries almost always direct travelers to Stanley Park; one of the largest urban parks in the world and arguably one of the most beautiful. In addition, tourists can head to Gastown, see Chinatown, and tour the Vancouver Art Gallery in just one day. With multiple days, guests of the city might also consider planning a dinner or day cruise to Victoria; a gorgeous island off the coast. A 10-minute ferry ride to Granville Island is another popular day trip. Tourists interested in the history of Vancouver should plan to spend an afternoon at the Storyeum, a series of plays and theatrical presentations that educate and entertain guests all at once.

7+ Days

If you have a week or more to spend in Canada and plan to visit multiple cities, you may consider a trip to Montreal. Located in the French province of Quebec, Montreal suggested itineraries include trips to some of Canada’s most unique sights. Travelers should note that speaking French in Quebec is not simply a show. Many residents of the province speak little or no English, and street signs are in French. A popular stop on Montreal suggested itineraries is the Vieux-Port. This old port has been turned into a public park and during the summer hosts live concerts on the weekends, usually free to the public. Nearby, the Le Jardin Nelson, one of the oldest and most popular restaurants in the city, serves an array of affordable fare and often features live music during lunch. The Mont-Royal is perhaps the most popular site for Montreal suggested itineraries. Often noted as the namesake for Montreal, the Mont-Royal is a mountain near the city that offers incredible views of the city and surrounding terrain. For a fee, rides to the top are available throughout the year.

However you choose to enjoy Canada, some of the loveliest cities in North American can be found within its borders. In addition to touring the cities, travelers who love the outdoors will find plenty of hiking and other outdoor pursuits to enjoy on their trip.



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