Things To Do In Quebec

Aware of its appeal and charm and just a touch cavalier, Quebec City exudes the grace and effortless style that continues to draw visitors every year. The city encompasses everything it takes to satisfy and delight tourists. Situated captivatingly on the St. Lawrence River with cherished and historical architecture, a vibrant and ample history and an abundance of entertaining activities and sights, Quebec is a distinct place offering the joys of a unique French culture. Quebec City is the perfect compliment to the city of Montreal in many ways.

The Gatineaus

Things to do in Quebec abound as they do in other Canadian city counterparts, only in Quebec the feel is slightly different due to its French-Canadian background. When starting out from your Quebec hotel you’ll have to decide how you’ll spend your day, or if lucky, your days! The Gatineau’s should be top priority for things to do in Quebec and are a well known area where urban meets wilderness. Gatineau is found on the Ottawa River directly across from Ottawa and offers a great backdrop for outdoor activities. This is a perfect place for those wanting to enjoy the outdoors.

Skiing in Quebec

A leader in Canadian skiing, things to do in Quebec should definitely include this favorite Canadian pastime. Things to do in Quebec aren’t complete without getting in some skiing at Mont Tremblant, one of Canada’s leading ski destinations where skiers and snowboarders in the thousands flock each year. Situated among the towering Laurentian Mountains northwest of Montreal, Tremblant is a European style village offering some of the best skiing in the country. In the summer the mountains provide a haven for canoeing, kayaking, mountain biking and hiking.

Old Town

The agenda for things to do in Quebec City Canada is jam-packed to the teeth! Old Town in the city is a UNESCO World Heritage treasure and is a day well spent discovering timeless appeal through 400 years of history. Restaurants and shopping are at their prime in Old Town as are other points of interest. Things to do in Quebec City Canada in Old Town include a visit to the Chateau Frontenac which is a heritage Quebec hotel full of lively history. After the chateau explore the history Upper Town in and around the same area, and then take the steep set of stairs down to Lower town. Lower Town, a famed Quebec attraction, was home to the first settlers of New France and encompasses the Old Port district and many other cherished sights.

Other City Sights

Tour the National Battlefields Park (Parc des Champs-de-Bataille), also know as the Plains of Abraham where many clashes between the French and British took place. The Place Royal is the historic town plaza which is home to one of the first settlements in North America with the initial construction beginning about 1680. More things to do in Quebec City Canada include a tour of Saint-Jean-Baptiste Church which dates back to 1847 and mimicked from medieval French designs. This stunning church features a 73 meter spire and 7 different kinds of Italian marble.

Often referred to as the “Gibraltar of America” the Quebec Citadel was built in 1823 to 1832 by the British to protect Quebec City. This imposing fort overlooks the St. Lawrence River and is manned, to this day, by traditionally dressed troops who perform the changing of the guard every summer at 10am. There is a fascinating museum on site and tour guides can take visitors on a one hour outing back through 250 years of Quebec’s stormy history.

Quebec City Museums

Quebec attractions are boundless and too many to list! The mosaics of city neighborhoods is an interesting afternoon walk in itself or stop by the Museum of Civilization and prepare to be engrossed for at least 2 hours in one Canada’s most interesting museums. The Musee du Fort chronicles the city’s history while the Musee du Quebec displays local and international art. And on top of all the Quebec attractions to visit, make sure you get out and try some authentic French cuisine, such as a steaming plate of poutine, to even out your fun French holiday!

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