Toronto Airport

The Toronto airport serves the Greater Metropolitan Area of Toronto and the Golden Horseshoe. Lester B. Perason Toronto International Airport (IATA) is the largest and busiest hub in all of Canada. More than 30 million passengers came through the gates at Toronto Pearson Airport in 2009, and its nearly 500,000 flights ranked it as the 22nd busiest airport in the world. The Toronto Airport is a massive facility with multiple terminals and a wide range of passenger services, accommodations, and amenities. It is notable that the Institute of Transport Management has named Toronto International Airport as the best global airport in recent years.

Toronto Pearson Airport is located about seventeen miles northwest of downtown Toronto in Mississauga. The Golden Horseshoe, a name that refers to the population of the Greater Toronto Area and surrounding regions is home to over one quarter of the entire Canadian population, making it one of the most densely populated regions in North America. There are over 8 million people packed into a relatively small geographic location. Toronto is comprised of a population of people that represent a wide variety different cultures, many of whom travel internationally on a regular basis. Toronto Pearson is the main hub that serves the traveling needs of this large population. It is the official hub for such carriers as Air Canada Jazz and, besides offering domestic flights to virtually ever destination in Canada, also has a very strong international presence and a regular schedule of flights carrying passengers to all corners of the globe.

On the ground floor of the Toronto Airport, you will find all of the public transportation options that you need. Whether you need to find the right shuttle for an area hotel or are interested in renting a car or taking an underground train, you will be able to locate a variety of information services stands on the ground level. As you are passing through Toronto International Airport, you will likely notice the great abundance of shops, cafes, restaurants, and bars peppered throughout the terminals. This is more than just a duty-free shop or two and a food court. There are a good number of specialty shops, from boutique salons where you can have your hair or nails done, or get a massage, to fine-dining style restaurants where you can enjoy some of the international flavor of the city of Toronto.

If you are flying into Ontario and not using Toronto Pearson Airport, then it is likely that you will be descending into Hamilton International Airport (YHM). It is located in Mount Hope on the outskirts of Hamilton, about an hour from Toronto and Niagara in either direction. If you are planning a trip around a visit to the Falls, then perhaps you should consider flying into Hamilton. Flights can be cheaper and it is abundantly easy to access either Toronto or Niagara Falls from the airport. Hamilton is also only about 20 minutes from wine country, a tempting diversion that is also a lot of fun in this part of Ontario.

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