Canadian National Exhibition

Canadian National Exhibition events are some of the most popular and eagerly anticipated throughout the year in Toronto. It is over two weeks of fun and excitement between the middle part of August and Labor Day that draws thousands of people from all over Ontario and beyond. The CNE Toronto is one of the best organized and most popular events of its kind in North America. It is the largest fair in Canada and the fourth largest festival in North America. The Exhibition Place, the 197-acre plot on which the Canadian National Exhibition events are held, is located along Lake Ontario just a few miles west of the Central Business District in downtown Toronto. The annual event draws an approximate 1.3 million people each and every year.

The Canadian National Exhibition features a huge variety of amusement rides on the Midway and a Kiddie Midway designated specifically for the children. Although CNE is just as much about theater performances and concerts, agricultural exhibits and competitions, and food and other entertainment, the rides remain one of the most alluring aspects of the late-summer event. Get your Canadian National Exhibition photographs snapped atop one of the high velocity coasters on the Midway or gliding down one of the massive water slides as these make perfect souvenirs.

Be sure to bring your camera and comfortable shoes when you visit this hugely popular event in Toronto. During the two plus weeks of the festival, 197 acres of the Exhibition Place expands to 260 acres to include parking lots and other parkland. Comfy shoes are a must and tt is a memorable time indeed, so you will definitely want the camera and your camera case to take as many Canadian National Exhibition photographs as possible.

The list of attractions at the Canadian National Exhibition goes on and on, so it is somewhat difficult to narrow down the top ones. Some of the main attractions include the annual Canadian International Air Show, where guests are awed at the supersonic jets that cruise above head, performing tricks and maneuvers above head. The CNE Mardi Gras Parade is another popular attraction that wows crowds with huge floats and flashy bands and street performers and entertainers.

Much like the Toronto dining scene overall, the options for food and drinks at the CNE Toronto are varied. From the traditional greasy fair food favorites to exceptionally well-prepared dishes that range from international favorites from all over the world, you will be sure to find something that pleases you at this annual festival. The concerts and performances are also not to be missed. Notable international as well as regional bands take the various stages at the festival every year, drawing tens of thousands of fans. For the shopping fans in all of us, there are also a seemingly endless number of shops and marketplaces where you can find a wide range of arts and crafts.

The best thing to do if you want to really take in all of the attractions is to buy a multiple-day pass that grants you admission for more than just one day, which is too short to see and enjoy everything.

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