Car Rental in Toronto Canada

Car rental in Toronto Canada can offer a lot of relief to those who want to maximize travel capabilities without sacrificing the time it can take to use public transportation, or be free of travel limitations imposed by using Toronto's metro system. Toronto's public transportation system is excellent without a doubt, but with so many attractions within an hour or so of the city, a car provides a wide-open itinerary to be filled up with day trips and excursions in the GTA and the surrounding area.

A Toronto airport car rental is often the most convenient way of getting to Toronto hotels after landing, that is, if vacation plans include an itinerary that would thrive with the use of a car. A Toronto airport car rental is best arranged ahead of flights to ensure when you arrive you're car will be ready to go. It is possible to snag a car upon arrival without a reservation, but you run the risk that what you want will not be available or overpriced. Internationally known rental agencies offer cheap car rentals in Toronto directly from the airport as well as right in the city.

Booking vacation packages is a great way to get cheap car rentals in Toronto, but time of year can also have an affect on the cost, and during the most popular special events and festivals throughout the city, tourist amenities can rise in price so be sure to check all available options for lowering the overall costs. Access to a car rental in Toronto Canada during events such as Caribana, the Gay Pride Parade, and the Toronto Jazz Festival can be outright impossible. And if there are vehicles available last minute, it might be slim pickings or even a car that is generally very expensive to rent like a luxury sedan. To avoid the drag of paying too much, or getting stuck with a Toronto airport car rental you outright don't want, be sure to book well ahead.

Cheap car rentals in Toronto are widely available during late fall, the winter months, and early spring. A car rental in Toronto Canada is definitely cheapest during the winter, but the roads require confident drivers that can tackle even the worst of snow storms, snow squalls, whiteout conditions, and slick black ice. Winter can also be mild without bad driving conditions, but generally Canadian winters are a mix of both, and also highly unpredictable. During the summer months, which is peak travel season, car rentals are generally cheaper through a package of some sort or booked far in advance.

To pick up a Toronto airport car rental, foreigners need an international drivers license and insurance if declining the agencies insurance coverage. Since car insurance is generally a huge chunk of the cost of a car rental in Toronto Canada, it is well worth the time to delve into a little investigating and check to see if any major credit cards offer insurance coverage if you pay for the rental with the respective card. Surprisingly, numerous major credit companies offer this sweet little deal. This can transform expensive rentals into cheap car rentals in Toronto, cutting costs by up to half.

A Toronto car hire means access to an endless array of attractions citywide and nearby. With parking readily available around Toronto, the best logic is to choose a spot close to several key attractions, park, and then walk to each or use the subway or trolley to get around the vicinity. Parking in downtown Toronto lends countless opportunities for sightseeing. One option is to park in the Distillery District and explore the many historic breweries, special street fairs and festivals, and great area dining.

With many Toronto hotels offering free or inexpensive parking, a car becomes that much more worth the small hassle it can be to drive in any metropolitan area. Driving to the Harbourfront, Black Creek Pioneer Village, and the CNE, or Canadian National Exhibition are easy feats and offer the freedom and versatility to choose when, what, and where and change your mind at the drop of a hat.

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