Chinatown Toronto

Chinatown Toronto is one of the largest such communities in North America. Toronto is home to the single largest population of Chinese in Canada so it is not difficult to imagine that there are actually more like five separate Chinatown’s in the city. The main one is located in downtown Toronto, stretching along Dundas Street West from Spadina Avenue to Nathan Phillips Square. There are many wonderful Chinatown Toronto restaurants, shops, and specialty stores, as well as a large number of street vendors and artisans, especially during the weekends. If you are planning a trip to the city and want to spend some time in this intersting area filled with sumptuous restaurants and interesting shops and markets, you should know that there are plenty of clean, comfortable, and nice Chinatown Toronto hotels as well.

Residents of Toronto will tell you that Chinatown is not only a popular destination for dining, but also for shopping. You can stroll up and down Spadina and check out all of the vendors selling everything from jewelry and clothing, to tea and candles. Many of the goods are authentic crafts from China and sell for cheap in Chinatown. If you want to find look-alike designer goods, this may be a good place to look as well.

The history of Chinatown dates back to the mid to late 1800s when a good number of Chinese men relocated to Toronto from Western Canada after helping construct the Canadian Pacific Railway. The Chinese Immigration Act of 1885 widely kept Chinese individuals from entering North America, but nonetheless, the immigration had already begun. Chinatown Toronto genuinely began to take shape when an individual named Sam Ching, who was the first Chinese person listed in the Toronto directory opened up his own hand laundry business in the area that now comprises the downtown Toronto Chinatown district. Sam Ching opened his business in 1878 and by the year 1910, the area had begun to develop into a fully functioning community of its own, complete with a wide variety of Chinatown Toronto restaurants, and other family-owned businesses.

The history of Chinatown in the city of Toronto has not always been pleasant, even as the city has seen multiple other Chinese communities sprout up over the years. The Great Depression was a major blow to the micro economy of the Chinatown Toronto, and the area was severely hit. Over 100 hand laundry businesses in the area were forced to shut their doors and it was a full decade until things began to recover to a semblance of what they were before the ravaging effects of the worst financial meltdown in the history of North America. After WWII, a major influx of skilled workers and a wide variety of craftspeople immigrated to Toronto and expanded the population of the, by then, bustling ethic enclave in the middle of the city.

Now when you visit this area you will find a vast selection of Chinatown Toronto restaurants serving everything from Szechwan and Hunan, to Mandarin and Cantonese. The area is easily accessible by cab or any number of underground railway routes. Many people who visit this part of Toronto enjoy the vendors and markets that come alive during the weekends. Come hungry because you will encounter limitless options for delicious Chinese and other Asian traditional favorites like Dim Sum, and so much more. The history of Chinatown in Toronto is a long and rich one. Now it is a busy district and ethnic enclave in the downtown area where you can enjoy hotels, food, shopping, entertainment, and sightseeing.

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