CN Tower Glass Floor

The CN Tower Glass Floor is one of the best attractions in Toronto. Set at 1,122 feet, this room near the top of the CN Tower features a floor that is largely comprised of solid glass panels. Visitors can step out onto the glass portions and look down to the streets below. Even those who don’t claim to be afraid of heights are likely to feel their hearts drop into their stomachs when they first step out onto the glass. As visitors get more comfortable with the concept, they might try jumping on the glass. Crawling across the see-through surface areas is also possible for the more courageous, and it can be fun just to peer through the glass and take it all in. The CN Tower Glass Floor can actually withstand the weight of fourteen fully grown hippos, so humans have little to worry about when stepping out onto the glass panels.

While a visit to the Glass Floor room is thrilling enough for many CN Tower visitors, some opt to take things further and treat themselves to the Edge Walk experience. The CN Tower Edge Walk is pretty much what it sounds like. Visitors, six at a time, harness themselves to safety lines and then have the opportunity to walk hands-free along the edge of a 116-storey, outdoor platform that rings around the tower’s main pod. There are no ledges to hold onto, and at various points during the walk, the guide encourages guests to lean out over the city. The CN Tower Edge Walk tours last approximately 90 minutes. Approximately 20 to 30 of those minutes are dedicated to the walk itself.

Anyone who wishes to check out the CN Tower Glass Floor attraction can purchase a ticket that also includes access to the 1,136-foot high Look Out room. More expensive tickets also include the CN Tower Edge Walk experience, access to the Skypod, an IMAX film, and two rides on the CN Tower’s flight simulators. The Skypod, it should be noted, is set 1,466 feet above the ground, thus making it the loftiest public observation gallery on the planet. On clear days, visitors can spot Niagara Falls, which is some 100 miles to the south!

Image: [lucas.gomes] (flickr)
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