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Toronto restaurants, through diverse and colorful menus, paint a wonderfully accurate picture of Toronto's incredible multiculturalism. The best restaurants in Toronto not only showcase Toronto's world-renowned chefs, they also give an intense look at the hundreds of ethnic groups living throughout the city. From Distillery District restaurants to cafes in Kensington Market to lively food stalls in Chinatown, Toronto's food scene is as eclectic, and as important culturally, as many attractions all around the city.

Eating in Toronto is a globally inspired, gastronomic adventure. A classic back bacon breakfast from Canada, lunch from Vietnam, and dinner from Italy can all be devoured in just one day at a wide selection of Toronto restaurants. Throw in a few choice snacks from China, specialty sake from Japan, and a decadent French desert and you've been all around the world in just one day. Toronto vacations aren't just for exploring attractions, but also for exploring exactly what it is that makes Canada so unique. With such an incredibly multifarious population, Canada doesn't have just one identity and this is easily evidenced through the best restaurants in Toronto. Canadian identity involves a diverse global picture, with millions of immigrants successfully starting new lives around the country each and every day.

Distillery District restaurants serve up both classic fare and modern delights. With beer as the major part of tours through the historic distillery area, food is equally important and it is plentiful. Distillery District restaurants range from small cafes to exclusive, fine dining establishments. Toronto fine dining throughout the Distillery District is easy to find and can range from fresh, seasonal North American menus to ethnic delights to an array of daily menus set by top chefs. Brewery tours are often topped off with some kind of fare, whether it's a casual snack or tempting hors d’oeuvres.

Some of the most upscale and expensive Toronto restaurants are located throughout the exclusive Bloor-Yorkville district, which is also saturated with high fashion boutiques, luxury hotels, and fine dining restaurants. These eateries are often frequented by Toronto's elite, visiting celebrities, and politicians the globe over. Toronto's upper crust also dine at Yorkville's restaurants, dining on specialties such as fresh ocean lobster from Canada's east coast, succulent steaks, a wide variety of vegetarian dishes, and a host of other cuisine from Canada and around the world.

Every city district, from Yorkville to downtown, features many of the best restaurants in Toronto. Top-rate restaurant scores might spread far and wide through food columns and other media outlets but Toronto is home to more incredible restaurants than many know. A four-dollar meal can taste just as great as a 400 dollar meal. The atmosphere might not be as lavish and the waiter won't tend to your every need and want, but the food will not disappoint. From late-night pizzerias to street-side cafes to restaurants in world renowned luxury hotels, Toronto's dining scene leaves little to be desired, fulfilling every kind of appetite, taste, and preference.

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