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Toronto flights can eat up the largest part of your budget quickly, leaving little left for all the things to do throughout the city. Seasons, week days, and locations can have the biggest affect on the price of cheap flights to Toronto. Luckily opportunities for cheap tickets are still widely available. Unlike some destinations that enjoy reliable conditions year-round with little affect on ticket prices, Toronto has defined tourist peaks, which are best avoided when looking for rock-bottom, discounted airfares to Toronto.

Take stock of Toronto's most popular seasons, festivals, and special events to find out when not to fly if cheap flights to Toronto are a must and travel time is flexible. Flying to Toronto during the summer months, especially in June and July, can mean a hard hit on ticket prices. If traveling during the summer is necessary, shopping around fervently is the best way to find the lowest cost flights available. Visitors can get hit with a double whammy if traveling both in the summer months and during periods of famous festivals and world-renowned events such as Caribana and the Toronto Jazz Festival, two events that are globally appealing and attract millions.

Inexpensive Toronto flights are easily found during the winter, from roughly mid-November through to the end of February or March. Booking at least a few weeks in advance can lower costs even more, turning cheap flights to Toronto into incredible deals. Winter might not seem like the most inviting time to visit Toronto yet there are plenty of appealing attractions and things to do between November and March.

Though many outdoor hot spots, including the Canadian National Exhibition and the Toronto Islands, close for the icy season, Toronto remains lively and features plenty of exciting winter festivals, live music, food events, live performances, and more. Canadians might hibernate after all, but that doesn't mean they stay at home all winter! In fact, there are a host of events ideal for beating the winter blahs. Wintercity Festival and Winterlicious, special seasonal events at the Toronto Zoo and city art galleries like the Ago, and the Bloor-Yorkville Icefest Festival keep things hopping.

If winter is simply not tolerable, take a seasonal step back and consider purchasing cheap flights to Toronto in the fall. The province of Ontario is saturated with vibrant colors and fall festivals abound. Due north of Toronto, cottage country is also thriving as cold weather slowly careens in and the last of the warm days are enjoyed. Toronto fall festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival and the Virgin Music Festival, as well as an assembly of food and wine fairs, hit the city. Discounted airfares to Toronto during the fall can be enjoyed through special events packages for which Toronto is well known for. Traveling outside film festival week should bring good bargains as long as advanced plans are made. Toronto hotels offer appealing air and hotel deals throughout the year and fall, as the third most popular travel season in Toronto, is a good time to find a low-cost ticket.

There are many all-season ways to lower the price of Toronto flights without rearranging travel schedules. If vacation times are rigid and choosing when to go isn't an option, always book early. An early booking generally guarantees a cheaper flight. Or, on the flip side, book last minute for some surprisingly cheap deals. Traveling between Tuesday and Thursday can also bring fares down. Finding discounted airfares to Toronto is possible by choosing a late or early morning flight for those are the less desirable travel times. Check each potential airline for the red tape. Some airlines offer lower cost flights for staying over on a Saturday or booking last minute. There is no individual rule that adheres to all airlines for Toronto flights so be sure to shop around thoroughly.

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