Lake Ontario

Lake Ontario is the easternmost and smallest of the five Great Lakes in North America. It is bordered by both Canada and the United States. Lake Ontario means many different things to many different people depending upon where they live in relation to the water. For some, Lake Ontario fishing is the greatest appeal of this picturesque Great Lake. For others, like those who live in metropolitan cities that border the waterfront like Toronto, the lakefront provides a destination for all kinds of tourist attractions and activities. Lake Ontario near Toronto is one of the most alluring stretches of coastline along this body of water.

Although Lake Ontario is the smallest of the Great Lakes in terms of surface area, it actually exceeds Lake Erie in volume. Lake Ontario is the fourteenth largest lake in the entire world. It is approximately 195 miles long and 53 miles wide, with some 715 miles of shoreline. While the average depth of the lake is around 285 feet, the maximum depth exceeds 800 feet. The main inlet for Lake Ontario is the Niagara River, via Lake Erie, and the main outlet is the Saint Lawrence River.

No discussion of this Great Lake would be complete without highlighting the premiere Lake Ontario fishing. People flock by the thousands, in the spring and summer, to Lake Ontario, with dreams of the next trophy catch in mind. Chartered boats are an extremely popular option for families and groups of people who like to have someone take them out so they can just enjoy the day and the Lake Ontario fishing. When you charter a boat, you will have captain, and oftentimes a first mate, so you won’t have to worry about rigging lines, setting a course, or trying to figure out where the primetime fishing spots are. You can even tell the captain what kind of fish you are interested in catching and many more times than not, they will be able to take you out to where that particular kind of fish has been recently hitting.

Spending a day out on the lake on a chartered boat is an excellent time. You can also get some rays and enjoy the water sports and activities at beaches around Ontario like Outlet Beach, Sandbanks Beach, and Dunes. Lake Ontario near Toronto allows tourists and residents the option of chartering a boat from the popular Harbourfront district in the downtown area. Depending upon what services you are interested in, you can request food and beverages, and even charter a romantic sunset cruise for two complete with a white linen dinner and champagne. When you are at Lake Ontario near Toronto you have many option for how to enjoy this gorgeous lake. The best time to enjoy Lake Ontario is during spring and summer as declining temperatures and the lake effect make conditions increasingly difficult as the colder months approach. Depending on the severity of the winter, up to 95 percent (and sometimes more) of the lake will have an ice cover.

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