Scarborough Bluffs

Scarborough Bluffs are an impressive series of cliffs (properly known as an escarpment) that stretch from the eastern beaches of the city of Toronto in the west, to West Hill in the east. The Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto extend for nearly nine miles and reach over 210 feet at their highest point. Although the bluffs were primarily formed by the erosion of packed clay soil over many years, Elizabeth Simcoe dubbed the Scarborough Bluffs as such because they reminded her of the limestone cliffs in Scarborough, England. Simcoe was the wife of the Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada at the time, John Graves Simcoe. The couple was so taken by the cliffs that they discussed building a summer residence there, and the name Scarborough ultimately stuck. Of all the natural wonders in the city including Lake Ontario, the Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto are some of the most breathtaking.

The primary destination for most people visiting the Bluffs is Bluffer’s Park. It is accessible from the south end of Brimley Road and provides tourists with a wide variety of activities. The district of Scarborough in Toronto needed to add a recreational dimension to the tourist attraction of the Bluffs. The public park that was built underneath Scarborough Bluffs is the city’s answer to giving visitors, both residents and those from out of town, a greater diversity of things to do on the grounds. When you visit Bluffer’s Park, you will not only have access to a huge number of water sports such as boating and water skiing, but also a range of other activities including baseball, basketball, bocce, cricket, lacrosse, soccer, and tennis. There is also a large public swimming pool that is open in the warmer months and tons of convenient facilities and amenities like picnic tables, gazebos, public bathrooms, and boating docks.

It is easy to get to Bluffer’s Park from Toronto whether you choose to drive or take public bus transport. If you do want to take a bus from Toronto, you will be using the TTC Bus Route 12. It is a slight walk to the park once you arrive, but the entire experience is scenic and the walk is more than enjoyable. If you are planning an extended stay in Toronto, a trip to Scarborough Bluffs may be a nice diversion from the fast pace of city life in the downtown core. Toronto is filled with exciting attractions, from the CN Tower to the Royal Ontario Museum, the Toronto Zoo to the Harbourfront, but it can still be nice to get out of the hotel room and the humdrum of the city to commune with nature, if only for an afternoon or evening.

Scarborough Bluffs in Toronto is the perfect destination for a romantic evening or a fun getaway with the family. Stroll leisurely along the range of cliffs and look out into the awe inspiring Lake Ontario as the sun sets in the big Canadian horizon. A trip to Scarborough Bluffs is definitely worth the short drive. All of the activities onsite are free and there is more than enough to do to keep everyone happy for hours on end.

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