West Edmonton Mall Canada

When looking into Edmonton hotels and tourism, there’s no doubt that the West Edmonton Mall Canada will be the first Edmonton attraction that you discover. This is perhaps the most famous of the Canadian shopping malls. Much more than just a mall, West Edmonton Mall Canada is also an amusement park, ice skating rink, movie theatre, concert hall, hotels and much more. There are over 800 stores and services, 100 choices for getting a bite to eat, plus eight top-notch attractions. This Edmonton attraction spans the equivalent of 48 city blocks and feels more like a theme park than a mall. When it’s cold out in Edmonton Canada, the West Edmonton Mall is a warm mini-city of fun and shopping.

One of the popular West Edmonton Mall attractions is Galaxyland Amusement Park actually located inside of the mall! Amusement park fun shouldn’t be restricted to the summer months, and Galaxyland makes sure of this. As the world’s largest indoor amusement park, Galaxyland packs in 25 thrilling rides and attractions. The world’s largest indoor triple loop rollercoaster, called the Mindbender, is Galaxyland’s specialty. Galaxyland remains one of the popular West Edmonton Mall attractions for teenagers because of events like the Rock ‘N’ Ride Dance Party. This party combines hip new music, music videos and unlimited rides from 8pm to midnight for young adults.

If having an amusement park in the mall weren’t enough, West Edmonton Mall Canada also has the West Edmonton Mall Water park, World Waterpark, a huge collection of swimming pools, enormous water slides and undulant wave pools. The West Edmonton Mall Water park is a great place for kids to take a break from shopping and let loose. Open every day except Sunday, with longer hours on Friday and Saturday, the West Edmonton Mall Water Park is also cheaper if you go after 5pm. Other West Edmonton Mall attractions include: numerous cinemas and stages for performances, a NHL-sized ice skating rink, and the West Edmonton Mall Hotel, Fantasyland Hotel. This hotel features 118 unique rooms, each with its own “fantasy” theme. Try a night in the Arabian room, or the Hollywood room, or maybe you’d prefer the African theme or Igloo room. The more exotic and expensive rooms have private hot tubs and mirrored ceilings.

Besides the West Edmonton Mall attractions, one cannot go to this famous mall without doing some shopping! The mall stores are less on the upscale and more on the affordable end of the spectrum. The problem most face is where to begin in tackling the over 700 shops (and 100 restaurants).

The West Edmonton Mall holds the world record for the largest mall in the world, and employs over 15,000 people. The mall attracts around 55,000 people a day, totaling to about 20 million visitors a year!

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