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The best time to travel in Canada depends on what you plan to do there. Summertime brings the most pleasant weather, and therefore is the most popular time to visit. If you plan to go to the far north of Canada or to camp, July and August are pretty much the only months guaranteed to be warm enough. If your Canada vacation includes outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and boating, spring through fall is the best time to go. In general, summer begins in late May and lasts until mid-September. Fall begins mid-September until around mid-November. Winter lasts from mid-November until mid-March, and spring goes from mid-March until late May. Tourism in Canada is at its highest mid-June until mid-September. During these months, prices go up considerably and accommodations are often booked up. If you are planning a Canadian vacation during this time, book early to get the best selection. Another disadvantage of Canadian travel during the summertime is that bugs are at their worst, so don"t forget your bug repellent-especially if you plan on being in the woods.

During the summer months, Canada is buzzing with an excitement that the warm weather brings. Outdoor festivals, parades, fairs and carnivals celebrate the short time when days are long and nights are warm. If you don"t mind the crowds and the price-hikes, summertime may be a good time for you to take your Canadian vacation.

The shoulder season during spring and fall is often a pleasant alternative to the prices and crowds of the summer months. If you are looking for cheap Canada vacation packages, it is advisable to book during this time. The months of April, May, September and October are often just as enjoyable as the summer months, especially in the milder coastal areas and the big cities. Keep in mind though, that spring can be pretty muddy in places where snow has just melted.

If you decide to travel in Canada because you want to find some great skiing, winter is the obvious season to go. December through February are the best months to find perfect snow conditions. Though most festivals take place during the summer months, the Quebec Winter Carnival and other ski/ snowboard themed events are held during the winter. Tourism in Canada may be quiet elsewhere in Canada during the winter, but on the ski hills, it"s a different story. You may not find cheap Canada vacation packages at the ski resorts during the heart of ski season, but come February, prices start to go down.

Though it is generally true that the weather gets warmer during the summer months, not all areas of Canada have summer-like conditions. It is important to remember that some of the Canadian provinces are huge, and weather and temperature can vary greatly within each province. As an example, the province of Québec reaches all the way from the chilly Arctic to the mild south, and the weather varies accordingly. For this reason, Canadian travel is a unique and exciting experience, no matter what time of year you go.

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