Acapulco has long been thought of as the classic resort town. Celebrated in song by Frank Sinatra and revered as the best place to enjoy Mexican nightlife, Acapulco has a long history. Even before the arrival of Columbus, early people inhabited current day Acapulco and left behind stone pottery and utensils. In recent decades Acapulco has been in a tourism decline, but recent clean up efforts are bringing this vacation destination back to life.

If relaxing on the beach during the day and staying out in the city late into the night is your idea of an ideal vacation, Acapulco is the perfect destination. The gorgeous bay is framed by lovely white sand beaches, and there are a number of incredible resorts. Acapulco even sports an off shore resort on the island of Roqueta, which can only be accessed by boat.

Acapulco vacation packages are readily available via travel agencies and online booking companies. The ideal Acapulco vacation package might include a host of great activities along with flight and accommodation. Acapulco Mexico is a great place to scuba dive, ride horses, or simply soak up the sun. Some Acapulco vacation packages will include access to these activities, while others might include breakfast at the hotel or other services at a resort spa. Be sure to check in with the concierge service at your hotel's front desk for more information on Acapulco attractions.

By far, however, the most widely known of all Acapulco attractions is the Acapulco Mexico nightlife. Almost all clubs will require a cover charge, however, there are often promotions, and women can often expect to pay little or no cover charge at all. Both the drinks and the cover charge tend to be on the expensive side, as prices are generally adjusted specifically for the tourist market. Note that the best time to enjoy the nightlife scene will actually be in the wee morning hours, as things are most exciting after midnight, and until about 4 or 5 am.

If you are searching for a place to eat, either after taking part in the Acapulco Mexico nightlife scene, or during the day after an afternoon of shopping, Acapulco has a nice variety of restaurants. Locally owned shops and cafes consistently provide better food and better value then some of the chain restaurants that have infiltrated the town. Ingredients tend to be most fresh at local restaurants, as well.

Acapulco attractions also include a water park and a museum, along with the typical beach adventures. Easy access to the city is readily available, since Acapulco does have it's own airport. No matter how long you plan to stay in Acapulco Mexico, or how you plan to spend your time, Acapulco is an excellent choice for anyone looking to relax and enjoy the warm Mexican sun.

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