Acapulco Hotels

Acapulco hotels provide places to stay for the approximately 5 million tourists who visit Acapulco each year. Famous for gorgeous views, convenient beach access and great nightlife, Acapulco makes an excellent vacation destination. Travelers can enjoy a range of activities, from scuba diving, to body boarding, boat tours and more. In general, Acapulco hotels range in price from moderate, in the city, to the more exclusive resorts, which tend to be located outside the city limits. Depending on how much of the city you would like to see and your budget, Acapulco hotels offer great options for everyone. A few of the more popular hotels in Acapulco and other accommodation options are shown below.

Suites Acapulco

A popular choice for honeymooners and couples of every age is a private villa. Located all over the hills that surround the city, the suites Acapulco has to offer can be expensive, but offer sweeping views of the bay and personalized treatment. Private suites and separate cabanas will have kitchenettes. Guests can often prepare their own meals. For reserving the suites Acapulco has, contact your travel agent, or book online.

Las Brisas

Las Brisas is likely the most famous hotel Acapulco Mexico has within it boundaries, as well as the largest. A score of private swimming pools, private beach access, and an extensive spa make this an unforgettable place to stay. The hotel also has a unique flair for pink- 175 pink jeeps are available for rent from the hotel.

Hotel Los Flamingos

Once purchased by Hollywood celebrities John Wayne and Cary Grant to be converted into a private club, this is one of the more charming, and oldest, hotels in Acapulco Mexico. Most rooms have both a balcony, and lovely views of the ocean. During the week, the hotel has live music in the lounge area, and features a pool table.

Hotels in Acapulco range in price from inexpensive, to extremely high end. Although some of the cheaper hotels are near downtown, and thus quite noisy, travelers will find that all hotels in Acapulco are clean and well kept. The resorts in Acapulco offer a bounty of comfort and luxury, surrounded by the beauty of Acapulco Mexico. Acapulco vacation packages are widely available, and are often an excellent way to take advantage of seasonal promotions. For the best information on Acapulco vacation packages, contact you local travel agent, or book online. Many Acapulco vacations packages will offer all-inclusive packages, which combine travel, hotel, and food, all for one price. Watch out for holiday rates when booking your vacation, as many hotels will double their prices during holiday seasons.

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