Cici Acapulco

Cici Acapulco (Cici Parque Aquatico in Spanish) is the oldest theme park in the city, but remains one of the top attractions nonetheless. In a city where the temperatures barely ever drop below 72, even at night, and where average high temperatures hover around the low 90s, it is perfect to have the Cici Water Park in the middle of the city, where people can cool off and get refreshed while enjoying a day of fun with friends or family. It is located along the Bay of Acapulo on the main commercial drag, Avenida La Costera Miguel Aleman. It is right next to the beach and the Acapulco Convention Center. You can easily access the Cici Parque Aquatico by foot or in a short taxi ride from the cruise ship terminal, and generally, from any part of the city thanks to its central location. After a 3-million USD renovation, the park is in better shape than it has ever enjoyed and offers a great experience for fun and sun-seekers of all ages.

There are all kinds of rides and attractions at Cici Acapulco, including toboggan rides, wave pools, giant slides, and even an attraction that allows you to swim with dolphins. This is easily the most popular activity offered at the Cici Water Park and there is an incentive for taking part. When you purchase a ticket to the dolphin swim show, your admittance to the rest of the park and all of the attractions is covered as well. The dolphin show is an amazing experience that lets people get up close and personal with some of the most enigmatic and wonderful creatures of the sea. These amiable dolphins swim right up beside you and sometimes even offer a little kiss. They also perform amazing tricks and jumps right by you. This is an experience that adults and children alike will relish for years to come. There are also seal shows.

Besides sprawling swimming pools and twisting and turning water slides, many people also enjoy the tethered hot air balloon ride, which rises nearly 165 feet off of the ground and offers incredible views of the Bay of Acapulco and the city itself. You will also find all kinds of places to enjoy food and beverages at this family theme park, as well as shady areas to take a break from the oftentimes brutally hot sun. You are definitely going to want to bring along plenty of sunscreen, sunglasses, and it’s also a good idea to bring some light layers to protect yourself from the sun.

There are lots of activities and attractions in Acapulco. Scuba and snorkeling, tours of the Zocalo and Pie de la Cuesta, hanging at the beach, and enjoying Acapulco’s nightlife are all reasons why people visit this city. Visiting this water park is a great alternative way to spend the day, especially if you have young children that tend to get bored easily. Taking your group to Cici Water Park is a fun and relatively inexpensive way to make sure everyone has a great time. There are rides for youngsters as well as exhilarating slides and attractions for adults.

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