Acapulco Restaurants

Acapulco restaurants are distributed throughout the coastline as well as in the town center and surrounding areas. As you may imagine, the fact that Acapulco is such a popular tourist resort destination means that there is an immense variety of cuisine to be enjoyed. Since many resorts, hotels, and restaurants cater to travelers from all over the world, it is necessary to offer a broad selection. Food in Acapulco includes everything from traditional Mexican dishes and seafood to all manner of international cuisine, like Asian, Italian, and Mediterranean. If you are planning a stay at one of the all inclusive resorts in Acapulco, it is likely that you will have access to many different kinds of food, all in one place. Most resorts in Acapulco feature a variety of themed restaurants in order to give their patrons a suitable selection during their stay.

Of course, many people feel that the best Acapulco dining is to be found at the traditional eateries that serve the traditional Mexican cuisine that are favorites among the locals. You will not have to go far from your hotel or resort to find a number of these kinds of eateries as well as a host of street vendors, some of which are hidden gems where you can find absolutely delectable food. Traditional dishes like tamales, chile verde, mole, and chile en nogada are just a few of the celebrated Mexican dishes that you can find at restaurants and eateries all over Acapulco. One of the great things about this particular vacation spot is that many of the best Acapulco restaurants also enjoy fantastic locations overlooking the beaches on the Pacific Ocean. When you combine great food with breathtaking views, you have the formula for a winning experience. Many of these coastal dining venues offer traditional Mexican dishes that incorporate fresh seafood. You will taste the difference in the freshness of the seafood that is caught that day and served at the area restaurants, hotels, and resorts. Fishing is an abundant trade and attraction for visitors of Acapulco, and you will find no shortage of fresh catches at many of the finest restaurants in the city.

If you are planning all inclusive vacations, you will have lots of options for dining right in the hotels or resorts in town. The north end of the bay features older resorts and hotels and more authentic restaurants, whereas the southern portion of the bay is where you will find high-rise hotels and resorts, as well as a host of dance clubs, bars, and modern restaurants. Although it is an economical way to go for many people, you owe it to yourself to venture off of the beaten path and try some of the local haunts around town. Your concierge should be more than happy to offer suggestions for any kind of cuisine you are interested in enjoying. If you have had your fill of Mexican food on your vacation, you will have no trouble finding everything from American fast food chains to fine dining French, Italian, and Asian restaurants.

It is not an overstatement to claim that some of the best Acapulco dining can also be found within the luxury hotels and resorts. These places are known for their broad selections of cuisine as well as offering many choices for kids and picky eaters. If you are traveling with small children, you can rest assured that they will find something that appeals to them, from hamburgers and cold cuts to ice cream and a multitude of yummy desserts.

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