Acapulco Flights

Acapulco flights are a hot commodity throughout the year, particularly during the winter months when weather is colder to the north, but still perfect here. It is not always easy to find cheap flights to Acapulco, and this is especially true when people are attempting to escape the elements during the peak tourist travel season. Although the winter months are a favorite time for travel to Acapulco, the summer months, as well as events like Carnival and Spring Break, see floods of tourists spill into the city. As a general rule, it is always best to reserve your tickets to Acapulco as far in advance as possible to ensure availability, as well as reasonable rates. There are sometimes last-minute deals to be had, but you do not want to put your vacation plans in peril by waiting too long. If you are having trouble finding decent rates for flights, you may consider one of the bundled vacation packages that allow you to save on flights, hotels, and car rentals, depending on your needs.

The final destination for all Acapulco flights is Juan N. Alvarez International Airport (Acapulco International Airport- ACA). This is a very busy hub that primarily caters to the abundance of tourists that visit Acapulco every year. It is the largest and busiest airport on the southwestern coast of Mexico, annually servicing over three quarters of a million people. The airport offers a variety of services and facilities, including restaurants and lounges, gift shops and duty-free stores, ground transportation, ATMs, and foreign currency exchange. If you are renting a car as a part of your vacation package, it is likely that you will simply pick up your car rentals at the airport. This is by far the most economical thing to do when it comes to renting a vehicle in Acapulco. If you wait until you get to the city, you will inevitably pay more and availability is never a guarantee. Making your arrangements along with your tickets Acapulco will lock in your rate and make sure you car is waiting for you when you arrive at the airport.

There are some direct flights from the United States to Acapulco, most of which depart from cities in the south like Houston, Texas, but for most people traveling internationally, there is generally at least one stop. A common itinerary lays over at a major hub in the United States, then Mexico City, before traveling on to the final destination at the Acapulco International Airport. As an example, someone departing from a smaller hub in the Midwest may lay over in New York, then Mexico City, then Acapulco. The good news is that the flight time is not at all that bad when you consider the perfect weather that surely awaits you when you upon arrival.

Once you have secured your tickets to Acapulco, you can turn your attention to planning the fun details of your trip. You will find that there are many more things to do in Acapulco than just hitting the beaches and enjoying the raging nightlife. Fishing, scuba and snorkeling, and boating are also favorite pastimes that many people enjoy when visiting Acapulco.

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