Acapulco Cliff Jumping

Acapulco cliff jumping is one of the most famous aspects of this city and has been for decades. The brave and adventurous La Quebrada divers come from a long line of divers who have been jumping from these cliffs long before the group was officially formed in 1934. La Quebrada itself is a little neighborhood located just to the north of the town center. There are some beautiful villas and hotels in the neighborhood, but it is best known for its iconic divers. Watching the La Quebrada cliff divers is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Acapulco and is a favorite shore excursion for cruises passing through these waters. The nominal price to watch this enthralling performance is more than worth it, and it only costs a few dollars for a cab ride from just about anywhere in the city. If you are planning a vacation to Acapulco, you owe it to yourself to see this spectacular show.

You may not believe your eyes when you see the first of the La Quebrada cliff divers leap from the cliff down into the sea. This is because they are diving from a 125-foot platform into a tiny gulch that averages a depth of only ten feet. Depending on the tide, the water level can be anywhere from six to sixteen feet. Perhaps the most incredible aspect of the performance is the ability of the divers to judge the timing of the incoming waves, something that is absolutely crucial for the divers not seriously injuring themselves or even dying. It is, in fact, all about the timing. If the divers misjudge the timing of the dive and a wave has not swelled the depth of the gulch, things can go terribly wrong.

The afternoon performance takes place every day at around 1 p.m., but you want to be sure to be there by at least 12:30 to get a good position from which to view the show, especially if you are watching from the deck. The night performances are even more captivating, as the La Quebrada cliff divers dive with a torch in hand that extinguishes the moment the man hits the water.

There are a few different options for how to view the Acapulco cliff jumping performances. The standard way is to pay the small fee to watch the performance from the observation deck. This normally affords perfectly fine views, but can sometimes get a little crowded and you may find you have to look over other people’s heads and shoulders. A bonus of watching from the observation platform is that you get a free beverage (beer, soda, or water) with your ticket, which is already super cheap.

You can also watch the La Quebrada cliff divers from the bar at El Mirador Hotel. This offers something of a more private experience and you with views of the show that are just as good. The last option would be to charter a boat to watch the show from a completely different angle. Just like the amazing beaches in town, the cliff divers are a must see when you are in this town in Mexico.

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