La Roqueta

La Roqueta (or formally Isla de la Roqueta) is an island located just ten minutes by boat from the alluring Bay of Acapulco. The island is one of the top tourist attractions in Acapulco, boasting the best scuba and snorkeling opportunities found anywhere near the harbor. The Roqueta Island Acapulco experience can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. Some people choose to take one of the harbor cruises (which are very affordable) en route to the tropical island. Others make it a straight shot to enjoy as much of the beaches and other activities at this gorgeous island paradise. Adults and children alike will love the ability not only to get involved with lots of activities on the beach, but also to visit the island’s zoo and some of the premiere snorkeling spots. Isla de la Roqueta certainly has something for everyone to enjoy.

The beaches of Acapulco are a huge reason why some 5 million people visit this city each and every year. The beach experience on La Roqueta is no less picturesque or exciting than other top beaches in Acapulco like Barra Vieja, and Playa del Secreto. In fact, Playa Roqueta offers all kinds of water sports and activities, from snorkeling and swimming to kayaking and body boarding. You can rent gear and equipment on the island and there is a selection of places to catch a drink and a bite to eat, as well as a boat that pulls up alongside the harbor cruise boats, taking orders for those patient enough to wait for all of the orders to be taken and made. Public facilities on the island include restrooms, changing rooms, showers, and phones.

It only costs a few dollars to take one of the water taxis across to Isla de la Roqueta. The harbor cruise is roughly double the cost and gives you the opportunity to enjoy a glass-bottom boat tour of the harbor before making the final voyage to the island. Some of the harbor cruise tours even include a trip to La Quebrada, where the famous cliff divers will put on a show that you will not soon forget. Nature lovers will find a plethora of options for spending an invigorating day on the island. Besides the best snorkeling locations, the island also features an array of hiking trails where you can commune with the fabulous natural beauty of La Roqueta. The boats and water taxis operate every 30 minutes, so you can spend as much or as little time on the island as you like. The last boat departs Roqueta Island at 5:30 p.m.

There are also some very lively and convivial bars on the island where you can enjoy some fun nightlife with friends. Traveling to Roqueta Island provides an affordable getaway for people looking to escape what can oftentimes be a tourist trap of a city. It is worth mentioning that Roqueta Island does get quite packed during the weekends with a steady influx of locals and tourists. Your best bet is to pay a visit during the week if you have enough time on your trip to Acapulco.

Image: James Huckaby (flickr)
La Roqueta

La Roqueta

La Roqueta (or formally Isla de la Roqueta) is an island located just ten min...

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