Pie de la Cuesta Mexico

Pie de la Cuesta Mexico is not nearly as well-known as Acapulco, but nonetheless offers a place for great vacations, especially for those who prefer a more serene experience. Pie de la Cuesta is a resort destination that is situated just five miles northwest of Acapulco. It offers the same great weather as Acapulco, as well as many opportunities for eco-tourism. To get here from Acapulco, you can take a taxi and it takes about twenty minutes.

Pie de la Cuesta Mexico
Pie de la Cuesta Mexico  Image: mike 23 (flickr)

There is a lovely stretch of beach in Pie de la Cuesta where guests can enjoy a range of things to do, from horseback riding and parasailing to jet skiing and sun bathing. Many popular water activities also take place in the Coyuca Lagoon, across from the beach. Visitors can enjoy boat rides and water skiing to name a few things on the over ten-mile lagoon. The sightseeing is great in Pie de la Cuesta. The natural beauty includes all manner of tropical flora and marine vegetation, as well as tropical birds. There is also a unique set of attractions here—cave drawings that date back to 1200 BC that are remnants of early settlements in the area.

Dining is also a must for anyone visiting Pie de la Cuesta. There are a host of wonderful seafood restaurants that served up local favorites like pescado al mojo de ajo (fish sauteed in minced garlic and served with fajitas and vegetables). You will also find a great variety of authentic Mexican restaurants in this quaint resort community. It is well known that the little town survives on tourism dollars and the many restaurants, bars, and cafes cater to the discriminating tastes of international travelers who pass through. Pie de la Cuesta is just about perfect for anyone looking to vacation in this part of Mexico while also avoiding big crowds.

There are many things to do here. Water ski in the lagoon, boat around the coastline, fish, watch sunsets, and generally enjoy a host of pleasurable activities in this tranquil resort community. Besides some lovely cafes, boutiques, restaurants, and charming guest accommodations. If you are already planning a trip to Acapulco, you may consider making the short trip to Pie de la Cuesta to enjoy the raw natural beauty and enthralling vistas of the sea. This is one of the top place to view sunsets along this portion of the coast.

For those considering actually staying here for a few nights, there is a good selection of Pie de la Cuesta hotels from which to choose.

Top image: miguelão, CC BY-SA 2.0
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