Pie de la Cuesta Hotels

Pie de la Cuesta hotels offer patrons a dramatically different experience than most resorts and hotels in Acapulco. Even though Pie de la Cuesta is located just five miles to the northwest of Acapulco, it does not see nearly the tourist traffic and therefore tends to offer a more tranquil and relaxing experience. It is also a place to commune with nature and enjoy the lagoon, coastline, and tropical flora. The beaches provide the ideal venues for watching the sunset. Pie de la Cuesta is a fantastic place for families to visit and it is also more than suitable for a couple looking to escape on a romantic getaway. You get to enjoy all of the benefits of the tropical climate of Acapulco, just with less crowding and a more relaxed feel. The best Pie de la Cuesta accommodations combine excellent location with great service and thoughtful touches to provide guests with a memorable experience.

The Hotel Villa Nirvana is one of the best values when it comes to Pie de la Cuesta hotels. Although it does not offer the glitz and glamour of many of the major resorts in Acapulco, it has a variety of amenities and an amazing location without having to break the bank. There is a swimming pool and private beach and many of the rooms provide stellar views of the ocean. The prices for accommodations in Pie de la Cuesta are far cheaper than most in Acapulco. This is a place where you can enjoy the beach experience on a shoestring and still enjoy spacious rooms, an onsite restaurant, and great customer service.

The Hotel Baxar Eco Boutique (pictured) is perhaps the most glamorous of all the Pie de la Cuesa hotels, but once again, this must be thought of in a different light that what glamour equals in Acapulco. The amenities and accommodations are all tailored to coexist in harmony with the beautiful natural surroundings. Guests can venture out onto the beach under thatched-roof cabanas with a drink in hand from the onsite bar and enjoy breathtaking views of the sun setting over the vast Pacific. Just as with most of the other accommodations in Pie de la Cuesta, the vibe is laid back and service is friendly.

Hotel Gilda is a charming bed and breakfast accommodation situated along a breathtaking stretch of coastline in Pie de la Cuesta. This is not your average bed and breakfast by any stretch. The views alone are more than worth a night’s stay, but there is also a lovely outdoor swimming pool as well as a restaurant onsite. You will also enjoy added perks like free wireless Internet access, which can come in pretty handy when you are staying at a little place and need to use your laptop to figure out how to navigate the sometimes confusing city of Acapulco. One thing is sure—you cannot miss the beach, as the hotel is located right on it.

The Bungalows Maria Cristina provide a very affordable option for people whose first priority is to be located right on the beaches, and who also wish to save money on their trip. These simple accommodations are located right on the beach where it easy to access all kinds of water activities, from fishing and boating to scuba and snorkeling. There is a business center, free parking, and pets are allowed.

The Hacienda Vayma is quite on the opposite end of the spectrum when it comes to amenities and accommodations. Here you will find a series of white stucco bungalows that overlook the beach. The guest rooms are all thoughtfully appointed, but are relatively simple as compared to the amenity-laden suites, which offer plunge pools and furnished terraces, to name just a few of the desirable aspects of this hotel. There is a magnificent outdoor restaurant where you can enjoy fabulous food while you watch the sun set over the sea. You will have private access to a beach and a range of beach activities. There is also a swimming pool, spa, and a bar.

The Parador del Sol is another of the best Pie de la Cuesta accommodations. The beach is substantially rougher, making for dramatic and inspiring views of the ocean. The large guest accommodations are more spacious than what you will find in the guest rooms at the Hacienda Vayma. Amenities include a restaurant and bar, tennis courts, swimming pool, and a fitness room. The Parador del Sol offers a serene and picturesque beach that is not so good for swimming, but excellent for relaxing in the sun and watching the sun set.

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