Playa del Secreto

Playa del Secreto is a gorgeous private beach located in Santa Lucia Bay nearby Las Brisas. It is ensconced in lush, tropical vegetation that lends to the feeling that this is a completely unsullied beach, something that is rare in Acapulco due to the sheer number of tourists. Secreto Beach Acapulco has to its advantage the fact that people can enjoy a relaxing and tranquil experience here. The beach primarily caters to guests of the accommodations located on the beach and also offers two sprawling swimming pools, a variety of restaurants and bars, and shopping.

The Playa del Secreto Resort is all inclusive and there are vacation packages available that include food and beverages as well as activities while at the resort. The great thing about Playa del Secreto is that it is close enough to downtown to get there without much fuss, but far enough away that you can enjoy some true relaxation and privacy.

Secreto Beach Acapulco offers public facilities including restrooms, showers, equipment rentals, and changing rooms. You can enjoy great seafood and traditional Mexican dishes at the area eateries and also have the option of simply dining on the beach. Enjoy the perfect weather, warm water, and relaxed atmosphere as you sip a drink on this idyllic beach. It is a great location for families. The surf is calm enough for everyone to enjoy activities like swimming and snorkeling. There is something for everyone to enjoy on Playa del Secreto. It is a pleasant haven in an otherwise busy city in Mexico.

Image: platibolo (flickr)
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