Playa Revolcadero

Playa Revolcadero is located in the southeastern portion of the Bay of Acapulco about ten minutes from Juan N. Alvarez International Airport. It is one of the most exclusive beaches in Acapulco and primarily caters to guests of hotels like the elegant Acapulco Fairmont Princess and the Fairmont Pierre Marques. Revolcadero Beach Acapulco offers all of the services, facilities, and amenities you could possibly want. There are also countless things to do, from hang gliding and jet skiing to parasailing and snorkeling. You can also simply sit back and enjoy a tropical beverage while relaxing in the sun. Be sure to try the delicious fare at the beach cabanas. One of the advantages of staying at the hotels or villas on Playa Revolcadero is that there is full service. You can dine, drink, and relax without having to move a finger.

Facilities at Revolcadero Beach Acapulco include restrooms and changing rooms, showers, and gear and equipment rentals. You can rent kayaks, scuba and snorkeling gear, as well as things like towels and umbrellas. Whereas beaches like Caleta tend to be relatively crowded, especially during the peak tourist travel months, Playa Revolcadero is more serene. If you are a family traveling with small children, you will find this beach to be ideal, in terms of the calm surf and the great swimming conditions. There are also a great variety of restaurants, and a decent number of clubs and bars in the immediate area if you choose to break away from the luxurious confines of the resorts located right on the beach.

Image: Fairmont Princess Resort
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