Playa Roqueta

Playa Roqueta is one of the most desirable beaches in Acapulco. It is separate from the beaches that comprise the four-mile stretch of coastline in the city, as it is on the La Roqueta Island, a tiny island in the Bay of Acapulco. It only takes about ten minutes to get to Roqueta Beach Acapulco Mexico. You have the option of taking either a water taxi or a glass-bottom boat ride to the island. Both options are affordable, and the glass-bottom boat experience offers much more in the way of a memorable experience.

Playa Roqueta is known not just as a beautiful beach where you can enjoy relaxing and bathing in the sun, but also as the top spot for scuba and snorkeling in Acapulco. Granted, it is not Cozumel, but if you are a diver or snorkeler vacationing in Acapulco, you will find a more than pleasurable experience in your exploration of these waters. There are not so much reefs as there are miles of marine vegetation and a number of awesome artificial reefs. Fishing is also a favorite pastime for people paying a visit to Playa Roqueta. There is also a zoo on the island that features lions, leopards, alligators, zebras, and much more. There are public facilities on the island.

Playa Roqueta is a great place to spend the day while vacationing in Acapulco. There are plenty of nice restaurants and places to shop and enjoy some live music. The seafood and traditional Mexican fare is exceptional.

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